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The Cry of Jewish People
the Holy Land in Turmoil – The Only Solution

A statement delivered by Rabbi Yisroel D. Weiss of Neturei Karta Int. at the “Free Palestine & End Israeli Occupation Rally” hosted by “The Coalition of Arab-American, Muslim Organizations” in Washington DC on February 7, 2002

Daily the death toll mounts in the Holy Land

Innocents of all faiths: Moslems, Christians and Jews, are killed, wounded and maimed.

Politicians search for answers. On both sides of the conflict there are calls for more war or more peace.

Rabbi Yisroel Weiss

Yet, despite all the efforts of hawks and of doves, a true and lasting peace seems to be further and further away.


Why after a century of struggles, of half a century of wars is there no peace in the Middle East ?

We, Orthodox Jews, believe that the Torah supplies us with the answer.

We believe that the Creator has told us that Zionism is wrong.

We believe that He has told us that until the Zionist agenda is ended there can be no peace in the Holy Land .

Why is Zionism wrong?

In simple terms it is wrong because it is a movement that demands of the Jewish people that they should replace the Holy Torah with a secular nationalism.

It further demands that we should violate the terms of our exile by conquering the Holy Land .

And, last, its cruel treatment of the Palestinian people is against the Creator’s imperative that we should deal justly and kindly with all men.

The solution to the seemingly never ending war in the Middle East is simply stated. It is the placing of the entire land, including Jerusalem and al-Aksa under Palestinian rule.

Too many innocents have died already for this urgent agenda to be delayed any longer.

There are many Jews in Jerusalem , throughout the Holy Land and the entire world who sympathize with Palestinian suffering. There are many Jews who desire that the Palestinian people secure their just rights. There are many Jews who work and pray daily that this should happen.

To all our Arabic and Islamic brethren around the world, let the message go forth today, that your quarrel is not with the Jewish people, the people of the Torah. We stand with you in your suffering. We feel your pain. We are with you.

Let there be no more innocent victims, neither Palestinian nor Jew.

Let us pray that the Zionist state will, with God’s help, soon become a distant and dismal memory.

Let the Jewish people around the world devote themselves to their only proper task, God’s service and the sanctification of His name by acts of kindness towards all men.

May the Palestinian people know no more agony and may we all be worthy of the day when we will all worship the Creator in joy and peace and the world shall no more experience suffering. Amen.


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The Palestinian Issue

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