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The following speech was delivered in the presence of Rabbi Yisroel D. Weiss and his fellow representatives of the Neturei Karta, at the March on Washington Against War and Racism, in Washington DC, on April 20, 2002.

In deference to the Jewish Sabbath, Rabbi Weiss was not able to personally deliver the speech, (since the use of microphones on the Sabbath is prohibited), the talk was delivered by one of the “March” representatives.

Rabbi Weiss:

May our words be pleasing to the Creator and cause His Great Name to be sanctified.

A Salem aleikhum

The world stands aghast, as the atrocities committed on the West Bank become known in ever greater and horrifying detail.

Mere words are insufficient to express the pain, that all mankind feels, at the plight of the Palestinian people.

For over one hundred years, they have been subject to a carefully conceived plan, to drive them from their homes and their land.

At one time this was done by aggressive immigration, later by war and finally, by insane destructions and dispossessions.

This is, has been and continues to be, the criminal agenda of Zionism. But among this movement’s greatest crimes, is that it has claimed to do this in the name of Judaism and the Jewish people!!

This is a wicked lie!!

Judaism forbids and rejects Zionism. And the Torah believing Jews, have always fought against Zionism!

Before the advent of Zionism, Muslims and Christian Arabs and Jews, lived peacefully together in the Holy Land !! Ask your grandparents! They remember those peaceful days! And in fact it is here the opportune time to thank all the Muslim countries for their extraordinary hospitality throughout the ages!

If not for Zionism, we could yet live together once again!!

The Zionists claim, that the Bible gives them the right to banish the Palestinian people, and to subjugate them.

What a pathetic joke! It is we, the Orthodox Jews, who believe in the Bible. Zionism, has rejected the Bible, as it rejects the rest of our faith.

We know what the Bible teaches. It teaches, that we are forbidden to rule the land. It forbids us to subjugate a people. It teaches justice. It teaches peace. It tells us, that when the Messiah comes that “Nation shall no longer lift up sword against nation, and they will make war no more.” All nations will serve God together in peace. And this is the Jewish peoples, hope and prayer.

To the Honorable President George Bush, the U.S. Government and its good citizens – We are extremely thankful for the pity and compassion you have constantly shown the Jews in their plight in exile. And we are indebted to you for all the countless good deeds and hospitality you have bestowed upon us.

But, please do not think, that by supporting the Zionist state, you are protecting or in some way helping the Jews people. On the contrary, by helping Israel stay in existence, you are assisting in the killing of Arabs and Jews alike. You are helping the buildup of anti-Semitism universally, we plead with you, stop all support to Israel ! stop all assistance! stop all aid!

To our Jewish brethren, religious and not yet religious – Do not be intimidated by Zionist terror tactics!!

Proclaim loudly and clearly, that only those who fully believe and practice our religion, who believe in the ethical and moral basics of our faith and who remain loyal to the Torah, may legitimately speak in the name of our people.

Tell the world, loudly and clearly, that you support Palestinian statehood in the ENTIRE Holy Land , not despite your Jewish identity, but because of it!!!

To our Islamic brethren – please do not judge our faith or our people, on the basis of this passing lunacy of Zionism. The Jews, ever have been and ever will be, your friends. Do not allow your understandable anger to settle, on those who are innocent of wrongdoing, regardless whether they reside in Occupied Palestine, Europe , or anywhere around the globe.

Together, men of all nations, standing together, will yet be worthy, with God’s help, speedily and peacefully, without further pain and bloodshed, be it Arab or Jewish, to see the liberation of Palestine from its occupiers, the proclamation of Palestinian statehood over the entire Land, and peace and harmony amongst all of its inhabitants.

And may we yet merit to see, in the very near future, the revelation of the One God, over the entire world, with all mankind in His servitude, in joyous brotherhood, AMAN

A Salem aleikhum

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