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Judaism, Zionism and Current Events

Statement on the occasion of the visit of Natan Sharansky, a cabinet member in the Zionist government invited to speak at Rutgers University by Rutgers Hillel on September 18, 2003.

We proclaim that the State of "Israel" does not represent the Jewish people. Zionism and the Judaism, the State of "Israel" and the Jewish People are not one and the same, they are actually the extreme opposites.

From the day of its inception, Zionism and the Zionist ideology in all its manifestation, was opposed by the vast majority of Orthodox Jewish leaders, and deemed totally removed from the Jewish community.

By World War II, when we lost most of our great sages, the small minority of Zionists approached the Jewish people and with their incessant propaganda, falsely presented themselves as the representatives and “trustees” of the Jewish people.

Zionism is heresy and Zionism is theft. Jewish law forbids Jews from organizing themselves by any worldly means to leave exile and to rebel against any nation or people. On the contrary, the Torah requires Jews to be loyal citizens in the countries they live and to trust in G-d’s protection everywhere.

By contrast, Zionism teaches the rejection of Jewish values and religion, and has encouraged Jews to be loyal to the Zionist State, to acquire that State through violence and theft. They bombard Jews constantly with all types of propaganda to encourage paranoia of supposed anti Semitism and loyalty to the Zionists as the supposed saviors of Jews.

The truth is of course that the Zionists are the main cause of anti-Semitism from the day that the ideology of Zionism came about. They in fact had a big hand in the tragedies of the years 40-45 by inflaming the hate to the Jews and they helped thwart many avenue of rescue. (See the book, The Unheeded Cry by Abraham Fuchs).

It is self explanatory that to create a state in populated land of another nation will naturally bring endless bloodshed as we see in the Holy Land all the years of the existence of Zionism and the State of Israel. The justice of returning the land to the Palestinian people will certainly stop this bloodshed.

In addition, all acts committed by the Zionists against Jews and Palestinians are antithetical to our religion and demonstrates heresy, falsehood, cruelty and injustice. This includes the creation of a State in a populated land of another people unjustly. It also includes the recent threats by the Zionist regime against President Yasser Arafat that is evil and portends horrific consequences for Palestinians and Jews alike.

The traditional Jewish people worldwide uphold the teachings of our Torah and do not fight against any nation, neither in the Holy Land nor anywhere else. Jews who are faithful to their religion and not to Zionist idolatry declare their opposition to Zionism in all its manifestations. They declared Zionism antithetical to our religion revealed to us by G-d on Mt. Sinai thousands of years ago. Therefore, the only Torah solution is to return the entire Holy Land to the sovereignty of the indigenous Palestinian population.

A protest will be held on
Thursday, September 18, 2003 at 7:30 PM
Sharansky's talk begins at 8:00 PM
Scott Hall - 43 College Avenue - Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ

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The Palestinian Issue

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