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The tragic day of Al-Nakba

A Statement of Solidarity with the Palestinians for
Al-Nakba Commemorations
By: Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism

May 15, 2003 – Washington DC

May the Creator’s blessings be upon you, our dear brethren, the long suffering Palestinian people.

We, of Neturei Karta International, salute you from Jerusalem, New York, London and around the world. As many of you already know the Zionist movement has been opposed by observant Orthodox Jews from its inception. Zionism’s first advocates were atheists, men who rejected and betrayed their own Jewish faith. Orthodox Jews have always believed that it is a Divine decree that the Jewish people are to remain in exile as loyal citizens to their host nations until the Almighty will choose to redeem all of mankind.

Thus, it matters naught to us if the Israeli state be religious or secular, whether it be of the right or of the left. Whatever form it should adopt, Torah True Jewry throughout the world including in the Holy Land itself, will never recognize its existence. A large number of Jews who live in the Holy Land refuse to accept any government monies and do not participate in the electoral process, and of course reject to serve in the occupying military forces.

Further we see the ongoing oppression and humiliation for decades of the Palestinian people, especially what is happening currently through the criminal policies of Sharon as a monstrous evil. The Torah calls upon us to deal justly with all men. The Torah calls upon us to exhibit kindness and loyalty to all men, especially with the people of the lands in which we reside throughout our exile. Thus, it is inevitably the true Jewish position to sympathize with the plight of the persecuted and the downtrodden.
It is unthinkable to us that the Jewish people should ever appear as the bully, the persecutor or the dispossessor. And, in fact, it is only those Zionist Jews estranged from their own true faith and confused by the incessant propaganda of the last fifty-five years who are responsible for the current suffering.

Throughout the world there are untold numbers of believing Jews who are horrified by the Zionists criminal and racist treatment of the Palestinians. These Jews regard Israeli Independence Day as one of the greatest tragedies in Jewish history. Many fast and recite special prayers on that day.

Even though the Zionist propaganda machine portrays to the world that they are representing the Jewish people as a whole, thank G-D true believing Jews succeeded on numerous occasions to remove the mask, the cover-up of this unthinkable falsification. Not to long ago a large delegation of Neturei Karta in Jerusalem delivered a declaration of peace and loyalty in the name of Orthodox Jewry to the Palestinian representatives in the Orient House, East Jerusalem. Their desire and our desire is one and the same, to witness the peaceful dismantling of the illegitimate Zionist state.

We seek the return of all the land, of course including Al-Aqsa, to Palestinian rule.

We seek the return of all Palestinian refugees to their rightful land.

We seek to live in the land of Palestine as anti Zionist Jews. To reside as loyal and peaceful Palestinian citizens, in peace and harmony with our Muslim Brethren. Just as our ancestors lived in Palestine for centuries before the usurpations of this tragic century.

May the Creator grant that this memorial day of Nakba should be the last one, the current occupying State should end speedily and peacefully in our days, and again the Jew and Muslim may yet live joyfully in harmony and peace under Palestinian sovereignty throughout the Holy Land.

May we merit in the near future, to the day when all humankind will recognize and serve the One G-D together in harmony, AMAN.

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The Palestinian Issue

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