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Neturei Karta Condemns Israeli Elections

February 8, 2003

February 8 – Rabbi Dovid Weiss, spokesman of Neturei Karta International, a worldwide organization of Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism, issued a statement today condemning the Israeli elections. Rabbi Weiss said, “The key issue today is not who should govern the state of Israel but whether the state should exist altogether.”

“It is over 100 years since Zionism emerged to deny the basics of Jewish faith. Since then the movement has always failed to deliver on anything it has promised the Jewish people. The Holy Land is far from a safe homeland. It is the most dangerous place in the world for Jews to live.”

“All factions of Zionism are today exhausted. No one has any reasonable solution to the problems confronting the state.”

“We propose that Jews, in the Holy Land and world wide, return to the traditional Torah response of opposing Zionism in all its forms. ‘Hawks’ and ‘doves’ are united in their desire to bring about the end of Jewish exile by this worldly means. They willingly harass and abuse the Palestinian people in their zany pursuit of their madcap dreams.”

Although Weiss described both Barak and Sharon as Zionists he emphasized that Sharon is far worse. “Sharon is a man whose entire life has been dedicated to violence and insensitivity towards the Palestinian people.”

The Rabbi concluded, “The only real question which Zionism presents us with is, how many years will it take untill all Jews are convinced of the evil nature of this ideology. Given recent events, such as the attempted bombing in Israel, immediately after Sharon’s election, it seems clear that the final triumph of truth cannot be too far away.”

The Rabbi called for “a peaceful dismantling of the Israeli state. True peace will be impossible in the Middle East for so long as the Zionist state continues it’s rebellion against G-d and war against man. It is a blasphemous and violent movement. Torah Judaism calls upon us to reject this vile philosophy.”

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