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JULY 14, 2003

14 July 2003

The Neturei Karta philosophy totally opposes the attitude adopted by the Zionists and opposes Zionism as a whole. Zionism is a heresy to the Jewish Belief which requires the Jewish People to accept their heavenly decreed exile. In practical terms, exile means that Jews must be loyal subjects of the countries in which they live and not attempt to rule over the established indigenous populations of those countries. And of course this includes Palestine.

Zionism is also a terrible contravention of natural human justice.
Neturei Karta protests against the terrible wrongs being perpetrated against the Palestinian People by the Zionist illegitimate regime in Palestine.

The apparent connection between Judaism and Zionism is false. The connection has been nurtured by the Zionists in order to ensnare as many Jews as possible within their net. The very name “Israel” which originally meant what is known as the Children of Israel i.e. the Jewish People was usurped by the Zionists.

The Zionists have no mandate to represent the Jewish People. However, by making themselves to appear as the Jewish representatives and spokespeople, they arouse, because of their actions, animosity against the Jews as a whole. Opposition to Zionism and its crimes does not imply hatred of Jews.

It follows, therefore, that the Jewish people have no right to rule today in Palestine. According to the Torah and Jewish faith, the present Palestinian Arab claim to rule in Palestine is right and just. The Zionist claim is wrong and criminal.

Neturei Karta wishes to tell the world, especially our Palestinian and Arab neighbours, that there is no hatred or animosity between Jew and Arab. We wish to live together as friends and neighbours as we have done mostly over hundreds even thousands of years in all the Arab countries. It was only the advent of the Zionists and Zionism which upset this age old relationship.

The Zionist oppression, abuse and murder of Arabs is a tragedy not only for the Palestinians but for the Jewish people as well.
Together we must work so as not to allow the Zionists to fuel the fires of hatred between Arab and Jew. That is what they want and we must not let them succeed.

Because the Zionist State known as “Israel” is a regime that has no right to exist, its continuing existence is the underlying cause of the strife in Palestine.

We pray for a solution to the terrible and tragic impasse that exists. Hopefully based on results brought about by moral, political and economic pressures imposed by the nations of the world.

We pray for an end to bloodshed, an end to the suffering of our Palestinian brethren and all innocent people worldwide.

We are waiting for the annulment of Zionism and the dismantling of the Zionist regime, and would welcome the opportunity to dwell in peace in the holy land under a rule which is entirely in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the Palestinian People.

May we soon merit the time when all mankind will be at peace with each other.
Protest against visit of
Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, to the UK
Venue: outside 10 Downing Street, off Whitehall,
between 5.30pm and 7.30pm,
Monday 14th July 2003.

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The Palestinian Issue

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