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Statement of Neturei Karta International in NYC on March 28th, 2003

The Neturei Karta International is very grateful for the opportunity to address this august gathering. Today is our Sabbath. We would like to be there in person, but the Torah law forbids traveling on the Sabbath and it is likewise forbidden to speak into a microphone in the holy Sabbath. Rest assured, though, that we stand together with you in spirit.

A Sallom Aleikum

With G-d’s help, we pray that our words should find favor in His eyes and be comprehensible, pleasant and accepted by all who hear our message.
In opening, it is most pertinent to note that the Torah forbids the Jewish people, while they are in their exilic state, to take any political stance in any controversy between nations and that a Jew is commanded to be a loyal citizen in every country where he resides.

We most emphatically condemn any involvement, of so called representatives of Jews, in the Iraqi issue. We totally distance ourselves from them, their positions, opinions and actions, in regard to Iraq or any other conflict. This of course, includes the involvement of the illegal State of Israel.

Surely all people of good will, are saddened by the daily toll of suffering in this war. However, it is important that those horrors do not lead us to forget another, long standing, oppressed people.

We refer, of course, to the half century of suffering, endured by the Palestinian people. It is now over half a century, that the Palestinian people were chased from their homes, their property stolen and were driven into foreign lands.

For decades, the world remained silent at this atrocity. For decades, these people were forgotten. Friends, let us not make the same mistake today. Whatever else may be happening in the world, we must never forget the Palestinian people.

Never, ever -- until the day when they shall live as a people in freedom and dignity, in their own land, with full restitution made to them.

People often ask, why we join together with our Palestinian and other Arabic friends in street protests, against the state of Israel – its policies and, indeed, its very existence. “You are Jews, why are you against Israel?” – Friends, it is precisely because we are Jews, that we are against Israel!

Israel is antithetical to Judaism. Judaism teaches justice and fairness, it values the property and rights of others, it teaches compassion and empathy. A Jew cannot support the state of Israel. It is impossible and utterly wrong. All the leading Rabbis and Torah scholars of our people, universally, have always opposed Zionism.

Zionism, is a violation of the terms of exile and redemption. According to the Torah, it is absolutely forbidden to have a Jewish state, before the coming of the Messiah. We are forbidden to take any action to end our G-dly decreed exile, and even talk or thought to achieve this goal is forbidden.

Only G-d, without any human intervention, can and will end the exile.
What will happen at that time?

At that time, the world will be transformed into a spiritual existence, where all humanity will serve the Almighty together in peace.
After Iraq, we hear, Palestine will take center stage.

Now, that is very good. But what will happen then, is the real question.
Unless the Palestinian people receive total right of return, justice will not be done.

Unless, the Palestinian people receive complete control over al-aksa, justice will not be done.

And, finally, unless the Palestinian people receive complete sovereignty over the entire Holy Land, justice will not be done.

In years past, before Zionism came to the Holy Land, the small and completely Torah observant Jewish settlements in Jerusalem, Tiberias, Safed and Hebron, lived in peace and tranquility with their Palestinian neighbors and friends.

We are still your neighbors and friends. With the Almighty’s help, with the peaceful elimination of Israel, we may still live together in the land under the Palestinian flag.

And, may that peace and brotherhood, be a small inkling of the great peace that the Creator Himself will bring upon all mankind, speedily in our days, when all humanity will recognize and serve the One God.. Amen.

Judaism, Yes!

Zionism, No!

Thank you.
A Sallom Aleikum
Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss, Spokesman of Neturei Karta International

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The Palestinian Issue

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