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A Jewish View On the Switzerland Case

New York, (February 13, 2000) - The Neturei Karta of America and the International Union of Orthodox Jews issued a joint statement today condemning the "tone and content of so-called organizational Jewry's assault on the Swiss government and its representatives."

"It is against the letter and spirit of the Torah to insult entire nations and their elected representatives", the statement continued. "We have no interest in moneys that are obtained via strong-arm tactics and public bullying. This is not the path of peace and love prescribed by the Torah. It is absurd to defame entire nations and it is immoral to use ridicule and the threat of financial boycotts to achieve one's ends."

The organization's spokesman emphasized that they were embarrassed by the public humiliations that Swiss officials were made to undergo by the arrogance of the self-appointed "leaders of the Jews".

"Just as the Zionists claim to represent world Jewry and their ideas reveal that they represent merely another misguided heresy, so too do the assorted Jewish 'congresses' betray their ignorance of Torah tradition whenever they speak. Jews are loyal citizens who desire merely to live in peace with all peoples. The tactics of public verbal terror are at odds with our basic beliefs."

"The tone of one's appeals are of grave consequence and can strip even the most justifiable claims of their moral force."

The Neturei Karta and the International Union of Orthodox Jews will be demonstrating "against the rhetoric and tactics of so-called organized Jewry" and call upon all Jews to join them.

The protest will be held at noon outside the Bar Association of New York at 42 West 44th Street.


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