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A Man Does Not Sin Until
the Spirit of Foolishness Enters First

New York, (Jul, 2001) -

The recent calls for homicide and genocide towards the Palestinians by Rabbis Lau and Yoseph are clearly products of minds driven over the edge. Perhaps, it is best to file them under the category of 'The Bizarre' and leave it at that. Unfortunately, there are those who, in our confusing times, may see their statements as somehow normative.

Therefore, we wish to make clear, as obvious as it may seem, that Judaism does not support Rabbi Yoseph's calls for genocide or Rabbi Lau's notion of indiscriminately murdering those suspected of thinking bad thoughts and all those around them.

The Torah seeks only peace with all men and especially our Islamic brethren.

In the case of the two Rabbis there is little doubt that the real culprit is the vile philosophy of Zionism which has dragged all too many into a state of war against others, particularly Palestinians. We condemn this philosophy in no uncertain etrms and posit that it is in utter conflict with Torah beliefs and practices.


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The Palestinian Issue

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