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Orthodox Jews Denounce Israel
– Seek Peace With Palestinians

New York, (November 2, 2000) – Neturei Karta International, a worldwide organization of Orthodox Jews opposed to Zionism, will be staging a counter – protest outside the Palestinian Mission at 65th Street between Park and Lexington on Thursday at twelve noon in response to the planned demonstration of a New York board of “rabbis” in support of Israel. The Orthodox will ‘present to the public an alternative view of the turmoil in the Middle East’.

“All Jews do not support Israel,” said Rabbi Yisroel Weiss the Neturei Karta spokesman. “Some of us view it as terribly immoral. We see Zionism as a violation of the Creator’s decree that we remain in Exile.”

Moreover, he continued, “Zionism has for over a century sought to strip the Palestinian people of their rights as a people and as individuals. There is no lasting solution to the terrible sufferings in the Middle East short of a peaceful dismantling of the state.

“How many wars? How much killing? How many dead on both sides will it take until we have learnt the lesson that Zionism was a great tragedy for all men.

“We ask those Jews, confused by Zionism, to examine the bloody record of the Israeli state. Has it helped or harmed Jewish - Gentile relations?”

Neturei Karta has often demonstrated side by side with Palestinians against Israeli occupation. They feel that all attempts to end Jewish exile by human means are illegitimate and doomed to failure.

Rabbi Weiss added, “Thinking logically, Zionism has failed. It is time to rethink our positions by the light of the guidance offered us by the Torah.”

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