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Sharon and the State of "Israel" do not and can not represent the Jewish people

Statement issued by Neturei Karta in connection with demonstration in Lafayette Park, Washington, DC. (across from the White House) to protest the visit of Israel's Arial Sharon to President George Bush July 29, 2003.

While the Honorable President George Bush will be meeting with Mr. Sharon in the Oval Office…, the true voice of Judaism will be heard in Lafayette Park.

Sharon and the State of "Israel" do not and can not represent the Jewish people and they most certainly cannot represent the Jewish religion.

As we have explained at numerous times, all the great rabbis of the 20th century were opposed to the Zionist movement, and understood the danger it presented for the Jewish People, its relations with other peoples and the harm it will do to other nations, especially the Arabs and Palestinians, with whom Jews have lived in peace and harmony for over 1,000 years. Our rabbis warned that Zionism would be the cause of great conflict and bloodshed. Therefore we proclaim that no peace can ever be realized until the Zionist state is peacefully dismantled.

Zionism rejects the teachings of Judaism, including the Divinely-ordained Decree of Exile from the Holy Land some 2,000 years ago and the prohibition of creating a Jewish State, according to which Jews are instructed to live among other peoples in peace, friendship and harmony. Any violation of this decree, such as the establishment of a Zionist state, is a grave sin. History has proven that the Israeli State provides no lasting benefit for any Jews whatsoever, and in fact has been a relentless assault on everything Judaism holds dear and on their very existence physically and spiritually.

We proclaim that true peace and justice according to the Jewish religion necessitates that the Zionist State of Israel be peacefully dismantled, the rule of the land be transferred to the indigenous Palestinian people, at which time the civil and human rights of the native Palestinians once again be restored and the dispersed Palestinian refugees will finally be able the return to their homes throughout historic Palestine.

The Torah states "why are you violating the words of G-d, it will not be successful" (Numbers, 14: 41).

May G-d answer our prayers and enable us to witness the restoration of peace and brotherhood in the Holy Land.

We proclaim Judaism and Zionism are extreme opposites.

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