Announcement from Neturei Karta – 1952

Urging Jews to reject automatic Israeli citizenship

We hereby appeal to all believing Jews who reside in Jerusalem and the Holy Land as follows:

The Zionists who control the Holy Land published a law that all persons residing within their boundaries as of July 14, 1952 automatically acquire citizenship in their State. Even those located abroad must report their rejection of this citizenship in writing by that date if they do not wish to acquire the citizenship. Otherwise they will automatically become citizens. We are thus once again facing a great challenge about our loyalty to G-d and His Torah.

We are hostages in the hands of this regime of rebels and heretics who conquered the entire country, including us. If we are asked why we are silent in the face of all the horrible threats to us in the Holy Land, the desecration of G-d’s Name, the uprooting of the Torah, the arrogant stomping on all that we hold sacred, and the provocations we are facing every day, our response is that we are hostages to the heretics, these apostates, who have conquered the entire country, with us being in the line of fire. We have no ability to fight them and their actions. We are not responsible for everything that is hapaning to us and that is being done in our name. We are hostages.

However, what should we now reply if the Zionist regime of heretics raises its hand and declares: “No Stens! No weapons! We have stopped controlling you with weapons. You are now free to step away. If you do not want to be citizens, get away from us and remove a great burden from yourselves. If you delay, you shall be among those who cry out and are not answered!”

The Zionist further declare: “With this you will be tested, if you are innocent hostages who reject our nationalism, or you are voluntary remaining amongst us and accept our nationalism of one of us”.

We respond: “It is not Moses crying at the gate, ‘Whoever is with G-d, go to him!’ It is the idol Ba’al that is saying: ‘If the Ba’al is your G-d, go to him!’”

We are being tested as to whether we are with G-d or not.

It is true, that we cannot tolerate the malignant and awful falsification being carried out at our expense. The Name of the Almighty is being horribly desecrated in an unprecedented way by uprooting the Torah and Judaism. All the while this Zionist State is using the name “Israel” for their rebellious and heretical regime that is devoid of Torah and our Faith.

We do not want to be amongst the rebels who raised the flag of rebellion against the Almighty, the King of the Universe, with the intention of uprooting the Torah and our Faith. Under no circumstance do we want our names to be associated with this daily attack on G-d and the Torah.

We do not want our men, women and children, to be at the mercy of these intentionally evil heretics, who seek to make others like them, to become apostates, as is the Zionist wish.

With this we are tested, If we sit with our arms folded during this period that these usurpers are giving us the option of being liberated from them, or if each of us will lose sleep over this issue, and searches ways to proclaim that he is unwilling to become affiliated with these usurpers whose sins are endless,

We should all raise our voices as one, so that the entire world and the heavens hear us: We do NOT want to be citizens of this State under the control of these heretics and rebels! We do not want to be affiliated with rebels who uproot the Torah and who incite and provoke G-d!

Let us proclaim: We are faithful to G-d and his Torah! G-d is our protector who sanctifies the Jewish People!

Neturei Karta of the Orthodox Community of Jerusalem

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