Citywide Day of Rage: NYC Students Rally in Defense of Rafah

On Monday, May 6th, students from across NYC gathered as part of a citywide day of rage in defense of Rafah, following the recent Zionist invasion just a few hours ago.

The event commenced outside various campuses with rallies, followed by a march that culminated in a large rally. A delegation of Jews from the anti-Zionist community participated, starting at Columbia University’s rally and then joining the students from other colleges as they marched. Another group of Jews assembled at the starting point, Hunter College, and joined the thousands of protesters where it was announced that the college would transition to fully remote learning earlier on Monday due to the ongoing protests.

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss and Rabbi Dovid Feldman, spokesmen of Neturei Karta, were interviewed during the march as thousands took to the streets of New York City.

One of the Banners says  “Jews support the students, anti Zionism is not anti Semitism” !

During the march, the rabbis tore apart an Israeli flag to symbolize their stance and rejection of the state of Israel.


Rabbis tore apart the Israeli flag

Columbia students marching to the protest

Rabbi Weiss interviewed during the march

Rabbi Dovid Feldman interviewed during the march


Columbia University

Columbia University

Hunter College

Hunter College

rabbis tore apart The Israeli flag

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