Historic letter to UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim

Zionism is not Judaism The following letter was delivered to Secretary-General Dr. Kurt Waldheim:

His Excellency
Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim
United Nations, N.Y.

Honorable Sir,

We wou1d like to call to your attention the fact that, even today after 27 years of the State of Israel’s existence, there are large numbers of Jews in the Holy land and in the entire world who are opposed to Zionism and to the Zionist State, and therefore we respectfully request your Excellency to use you influence at the forthcoming debate in the General Assembly to achieve the following:

(a) That in the negotiations, communiqués, and resolutions a clear, semantic distinction be expressed between “Zionist-Israeli” and “Jewish”. This will not only serve the truth, which the Arab peoples recognize, but will furthermore exonerate the United Nations position, inasmuch as it would clarify the issue and relieve tensions.

(b) That within the appropriate administrative framework, the former independence be again accorded to the old settlers known as the “Old Yishuv”, who, long before the advent of Zionism, have been the legitimate non-political representatives of the Torah-Loyal Jewish people in the Holy Land.

The Zionist State has usurped, without any Justification, the holy name of Israel.

Torah true Jews wish to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors and with the community of nations and deplore the policies carried out by those who misuse the name of Israe1.

The Zionist fraud and deception is increased by its usurpation of the name of Israel and by the Zionist pretence of representing the Jewish people and Zionist-Israeli.

With the blessing of Torah Loyal Jewry,
Neturei Karta of U.S.A.
G. P. O. Box 2143
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202

Zionism, from its very inception, has been bitterly opposed by the greatest Rabbinical leaders as being a complete denial of the spiritual and religious character of the Jewish people.

The name of G-D has been deliberately and consistently deleted from every public utterance of the leaders of the Zionist State, from their independence declaration to the speeches of their succession of Prime Ministers.

Not once during the last 27 years has any Zionist delegate to the United Nations invoked the name of G-D. Now various Zionist spokesmen proclaim that Zionism is Judaism, The eternal truth revealed at Mount Sinai wi11 never charge. “Our people are a people only by virtue of its Torah.”

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