Historic report of anti Zionist protest on Apr 14 1948

HACHOMA Supplement to no. 42
Address: P.O.B. 5087 Jerusalem
14th April, 1948.

Note of the Demonstration of Orthodox Jewry in Jerusalem against political Zionism which compels the public with fists and firearms and is determined that all shall follow their unholv and unbalanced ideas

Through bills posted up in the streets on Wednesday, 7th April, a great number of people assembled in the great Yeshiva of Meah Shearim on Thursday the 8th.

There the entire Book of Psalms was recited after which speakers ascended the pulpit and described with force and clarity the terrible conditions and great misfortune to which the leaders of political Zionism are leading the whole Yishuv by their conduct, contrary to the teachings of our holy Law (the Torah). The assembly was asked to demonstrate in protest against the forbidden and dangerous conduct.

All present marched out into the street in orderly procession. Outside· the shops were closed ·and many thousands joined the demonstrators. ·

Banners were carried on high bearing the inscriptions: WE ARE FOR PEACE”, WE DEMAND CEASE FIRE”.
Pamphlets were distributed reading:

“Zionist action which does not recognize the Jewish Law as the basis and foundation of Jewish life and conduct, does not represent us.”·

We are Jews who wish to be guided by the light of the Holy Torah in all our ways.”

“We are for Peace.”.

“We appeal to our Government to deliver us from this terrible crisis.”

The agreed slogans uttered by the demonstrators were:

“There has arisen over Jewry a Zionist way of life and conduct contrary to the teachings of the Holy Torah which is dangerous to Israel and may lead the whole Yishuv in Eretz Israel and over the world to misfortune and ruin.”

“We declare the Zionist leaders are not our representatives.”

“ Let us have pity on our lives and on the lives of our women and children.”

“Let us not be misled by those who seek to undermine our· existence.”

“We appeal to our Government to save us and to make peace.”

The unanimous cry of all the demonstrators was “CEASE FIRE.”

Between each utterance all together recited the XXth Psalm “The Lord will answer you”·

The demonstration proceeded from the Yeshivah Hall to the main gate in Meah Shearim, thence to the road-block on Geulah Street.

Here a group of interrupters came out, tore down the banners and belayed the demonstrators. Unable to pass the road-block, the demonstration turned to the right on to Hagai Street and on to the road-block at the corner of Chancellor and Geulah Streets.

Here they were again faced by a Haganah group, larger and stronger than before. This group fired into the air and beat the demonstrators without mercy. The demonstration then dispersed per force .

The Haganah people then brought up a bus load of their soldiers who chased the remaining knots of demonstrators and beat them with their rifles.

However, the demonstration had given expression to the will and purpose of orthodox Jewry in Jerusalem who now appeal in writing to Government for protection.

The Zionist leaders are doing everything possible to hush the matter up and stifle the impression created by the demonstration, to permit Do sign of it to remain’ No photographs were allowed to be taken of the incident and those films already taken were destroyed.

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