International Conference for Palestine Held in Tehran

High-level government officials, political and religious figures, and prominent individuals from more than 50 countries around the world took part in a conference for Palestine on December 23, 2024, in Tehran.

The “Consultative Conference on Palestine” aimed to enhance international support for the Palestinians, pressure the Zionist entity to immediately stop military attacks on the Gaza Strip, and lift the siege imposed on the Strip completely. Additionally, the conference sought to send urgent humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people.

A delegation of anti-Zionist Jewish Rabbis have been invited to attend and speak at the conference,

Rabbi Weiss spoke at the conference on Saturday night, stating: “The Israeli occupation has no right to act and perpetrate these crimes in the name of our religion.” He added that, for convenience and to accomplish their plan to create a national home, they cloaked themselves in the name of Israel and Jewish symbols.

Afterward, the Jewish delegation stayed in Tehran for a few days, giving interviews and expressing the longstanding opposition of Jews true to God and His Torah against Zionism and the state of Israel,

During their stay in Iran the delegation visited Tehran’s Jewish community and their synagogue.


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