“Israel”: a cause to bewail not to celebrate

Orthodox Jews will join other anti-Zionist groups to protest the “Salute to Israel Parade”.
at: 5th Av. On the corner of 58th St. NYC, on May 23, 2004 12:00AM

On the occasion of a New York City parade marking the 56th anniversary of the Zionist State of “Israel,” we Torah true Jews, ask you to allow us the opportunity to consider the following information before you participate in these activities.

Zionism and the State of “Israel” are a tragedy for the Jewish People, as well as for the Palestinians. Judaism and Zionism are different and incompatible concepts diametrically opposed to each other.

The continued existence of the State of “Israel” is the underlying cause of all the strife in historic Palestine, and of additional suffering beyond Palestine. In addition, the Zionist state is universally recognized as the primary cause and catalyst of anti-Semitism worldwide.

We beseech you to understand that support for Zionists, Zionism and the State of “Israel” is of no benefit to Jews or Judaism, but only perpetuates the tragic impasse and constant bloodshed in the Middle East.

The founding of the State of Israel is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Torah (Jewish teaching) which forbid the establishment of any Jewish sovereignty since the destruction of the Temple, and commands Jews to peacefully remain among the nations until G-d Himself redeems the world without any human intervention, at which time all Nations of the world will live together in peace.

Two thousand years ago, at the time of the Temple’s destruction, the Jewish People were put under oath and forbidden by the Creator

• To go up en masse to the land of Israel
• To rebel against the nations
• To in any way attempt to end the Decree of Exile

In the Talmud it states further that to transgress these oaths of exile by attempting to end the status of Exile through human action in any form will bring catastrophic results (See Talmud Tractate Kesuboth, p. 111a), which have, in fact, been realized in our own times.

The Torah commands Jews to behave in a peaceful, harmonious, and cooperative manner towards all people of the world wherever they reside. The Jewish person is also required by the Torah to be grateful and loyal to his host nation.

Zionist rebellion against G-d’s will through the establishment of the “state of Israel” represents an official rebellion against G-d and his Torah. This rebellion has generated untold pain and suffering as predicted by the Talmud and many other Torah sources throughout Jewish history. A litany of evil events has accompanied the creation of the Zionist State, including the forced uprooting of Jews from their native lands in most Muslim countries and the subsequent forced estrangement of those Jews from their religion, desecration of the Sabbath, loss of modesty, and an endless list of violations against many laws of our faith and Jewish teachings.

Another important teaching of Judaism violated by the Zionists, is the requirement to be compassionate towards fellow human beings, and of course not to steal etc. These requirements have been directly relevant to the treatment of the native Palestinian population in the Holy Land, who have been subjected to various forms of collective punishment and oppression: deportation, subjugation, ghettoization, destruction of property, farms and homes.

The Torah (Jewish teachings) declares that no violation of G-d’s directives shall succeed or bear fruit in the long run, as is stated: “why are you violating the words of G-d, it will not be successful” (Numbers, 14: 41).

Our 20th Century rabbis warned us even at the inception of Zionism that the creation of a Zionist state would bring endless rivers of blood and untold suffering.

Therefore, Jews who follow Judaism unadulterated by Zionist philosophy, who are true to G-d and His Torah, emphatically state, with full conviction, that true lasting peace and harmony in the Holy Land will never be attained without the total dismantlement of the heretical, rebellious State of “Israel.” This will require that the Palestinian people be able to live under their self rule, without fear of oppression, ghettos, expulsion and racism, in freedom, sovereignty and dignity throughout historic Palestine. Jewish justice demands the full repatriation of the Palestinian refugees to their original homes and lands throughout historic Palestine.

We pray constantly to G-d for the speedy dissolution of Zionism and the peaceful dismantling of the State of “Israel,” and for sovereignty of the entire Holy Land to be granted to the indigenous Palestinian People. We anxiously look forward to the time when Arab and Jew will be able to once again dwell in peace and harmony throughout the entire Holy Land in a free State of Palestine entirely according to the wishes of the Palestinian indigenous population, thereby removing the pain, suffering and also divine anger. Ultimately this is the true will of G-d and this will hasten the revelation of G-ds glory when all mankind will serve Him in peace and happiness, Amen.

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