Israeli Police Removing Palestinian Flags in Jewish Neighborhood in Jerusalem

In the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem, whose residents are known to be fiercely anti-Zionist, Palestinian flags regularly fly from the rooftops and hang over the streets. The residents do not recognize the authority of the State of Israel, and they make it clear that Israeli police are not welcome there. But the state seems to feel threatened by the flags, and once in a while the police march into the neighborhood’s narrow streets and allies to cut them down.
Here is a video of the latest episode, which took place this past Sunday, July 9, 2023. Description to accompany the video:
Local residents witness a group of Israeli police coming to remove the flags, equipped with a tree pruner on a pole.
The local residents protest the act.
Police attack and shove the residents.
Police stand guard to prevent residents from blocking their removal of the flags.
Protestors attempt to runup the stairs to protect the flag.
A scuffle erupts on the staircase.
Policeman kicks a child and throws him down 1 flight.
A religious Jew searches for his yarmulke [religious head cover].
Police threaten the residents with truncheons.
Water is poured on police.
Police avoid objects thrown at them.
Police brutally attack a resident who started filming police activities.
Objects flying on police.
Teasing with the police, by escorting them with Palestinian flag.
Dumpster rolled towards police.
Residents yell at police: “Zionist terrorists”







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