Jewish delegation protest Zionist house demolition in Palestine

On Sunday night, Jan 16, 2022, the Zionists came to a Palestinian family in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to expel them with vicious cruelty, in order to demolish their home.

Immediately the owner, Mohammed Salhiya, who is a son of the 67-year-old refugee from Ein Kerem, stood up in front of them angry and declared:

“You expelled us from Ein Kerem! There will be no more deportation under any circumstances! I will only get out of here in a coffin!”

Salhiya went up to the roof of his home carrying a gas canister onto the roof and threatened to blow up his home rather than let his family be forced out.

The neighborhood residents have also gathered in front of Salhiya’s family in a show of solidarity, joined by Jewish members of Neturei Karta how who stood on the roof beside Salhiya, to express their solidarity with Mohammed and with the residents of the neighborhood in general.

The Jewish delegation stated that that the Zionists have no right to rule in the Holy Land and strongly condemned the undoing Zionist criminal actions.

The Zionists were embarrassed and eventually withdrew.

The Jewish delegation talked at length with the residents and the owner and among other things he spoke about his family and that the Zionist regime destroyed their business and ruined the lives of 25 people who lost their source of livelihood.

Diplomats of the European Union arrived during the visit to express their solidarity.
Sven Kon Burgsdorf, representative of the European Union in the Palestinian territories said:

“Evictions in the occupied territories are a violation of international humanitarian law, and this applies to any eviction or demolition, including this one”


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