Jewish Rabbis visited Islamic Center in Glendale Heights, Illinois

On Saturday night, April 30, 2022 two Orthodox Jewish Rabbis visited the Islamic Education Center in Glendale Heights, Illinois.

The Rabbis were welcomed by Imam Al-Abedi and other congregants with open arms.

During a meeting, the Imam and the Rabbis discussed commend grounds between Muslims and Jews.

The Imam noted from his last Friday sermon: “even when Muslims speak up against the Zionist aggression in Palestine, this is not in any way hatred towards Jews, but against the crimes committed, regardless who the perpetrators are. If the perpetrators were Muslims, we would condemn them the same”.

In response, Rabbi Dovid Feldman explained that “Muslims and Jews lived in peace ever since the beginning of Islam, the current unfortunate rift came about due to the criminal actions done to Palestine, supposedly in the name of all Jews.

When people realize that all Zionist atrocities are totally criminal according to Judaism and are opposed my masses of Jewish people, we find that respect to the Jewish religion and trust to the Jewish people is restored. Differentiating between Judaism and Zionism is a key to peace”.

Children were passionate to see both Rabbis and asked many questions.



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