Jewish Rabbis Pay Respect at Iranian Embassy in London

A number of Jewish Rabbis living in England came to the Iranian embassy in London on Friday to offer their condolences and pay their respects to the late president of our country and the martyrs of the air crash.

According to IRNA, the Jewish rabbis were first welcomed by Ali Metinfar, head and charge d’affaires of the Iranian Embassy in London, and in a conversation with him, they expressed their condolences for this unfortunate loss.

In a statement addressed to our country’s embassy, they also appreciated and thanked Iran for its unwavering support for the cause of Palestine. The Minister of State of our country also stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue on the path of seeking justice for the Palestinian people.

At the end of this ceremony, the Jewish scholars, while expressing their sympathy with the nation and government of Iran, signed the memorial book that has been opened in the embassy.


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Joel lefkow
Joel lefkow
26 days ago

Very nice of neturei karta showing respect for iran 🇮🇷 and explaining that true jews are not zionist

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