Letter from Rabbi Amram Blau opposing Zionism

Jerusalem, January 17, 1974

To All Those Who Believe in Justice:

Nations of the world accepted the clear lie when they recognized the Zionists, those heretics who established their state through conquest under the name of “Israel,” as any part of the Jewish People. The nations thereby enabled the Zionist heretics to conquer the Jewish People themselves. Through this action those nations offended the authentic Jewish People, its Torah and faith in a way much worse than how the Jewish People has ever been injured by the Arabs, in view of the fact that these Zionist heretics and their establishment of their state through conquest have no connection to the Jewish People.

It is known that only the Torah defines the Jewish People. The Jewish People have no involvement with Zionists, Zionism or their state conceived under the notion of nationalism. Judaism has nothing to do with nationalism.

The Jewish People are absolutely opposed to any injury against the Arab nation. The Arab nation never harmed the Jewish People until the advent of Zionist nationalism. The Jewish People are commanded by the Torah to seek the peace of the governments where they are citizens, and not to rebel against any nation, G-d forbid, especially when this concerns the Holy Land, to which we are forbidden to engage in mass immigration.

Jews who follow the Torah are not even suspected of murder or any injury against any person, and we are severely prohibited from engaging in any violent action, including in relation to the struggle over Palestine. Judaism is totally opposed to nationalism, and in fact Jews have refused to move to the Zionist state even though the state proclaims itself as the representative of the Jewish People.

All Jews who believe in G-d and his Torah, and who observe the Torah and its commandments, are loyal to the oaths sworn to G-d, and have no involvement in this nationalist revolution, but rather are hostages under Zionist conquest. Even those who have been dragged into the Zionist project do so against the teachings of their faith and religion. The Zionists tell everyone who opposes their ideology to leave the country, but they are wrong!

Every person in the world who believes in justice must know that the entire world will not be spared if the Zionist experiment is allowed to continue, because many innocent people will be harmed. Every person who is merciful and just must rise up and put a stop to the Zionists!

May G-d bestow peace on us and the entire world.

I request that my letter be distributed wherever it can have a benefit.

Amram Blau

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