London Jews speak up for Palestine

At 3am on Wednesday 19th January, Israeli security forces raided the Salhiya family house in Sheikh Jarrah, arresting and injuring multiple family members. After the family, who have lived in the house since 1956, refused to be evicted, Israeli troops barricaded then stormed their home at 3am.

Yasmin Salhiya reports that soldiers beat her 9 year old sister and aunt, who is now unable to move from her injuries, before destroying the family’s home. By dawn, only the rubble remained.

Meanwhile, Israel continues to violently arrest Palestinians in the Naqab protesting a campaign by the Jewish National Fund that threatens the livelihood of Bedouin communities in the area and that has been razing Palestinian land and uprooting Palestinian trees .

On January 21, 2022 a delegation from the anti-Zionist Jewish community in London joined a pro-Palestine rally in front of the Israeli embassy in London in solidarity


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