March protesting Israeli attack on Jenin

On July 7, 2023  a large rally followed by a march took place in the city of London, protesting the recent Zionist attack on the Palestinian city of Jenin.

“We condemn Israel’s recent attack on the Jenin refugee camp” said Rabbi Elhanan Beck, spokesman for Neturei Karta International, while leading his Jewish delegation participating in the rally. “this latest invasion – the biggest in 20 years – in which 12 were killed, 100 were wounded and many buildings and streets reduced to rubble, is part of the cycle of violence that has been going on for the last 75 years”.

“We condemn the Zionist occupation of Palestine since its creation. The Zionists founded a state on land that was not theirs, in violation of the Torah and against basic human rights. The only path to peace is to replace the current state with a peaceful Palestinian state, in which Palestinians and Jews can live side by side in harmony, as they did in the past“


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