Memorandum to King Hussein


The following is the English translation of the Arabic memorandum submitted to King Hussein of the Hejaz, great-grandfather of the present King Hussein of Jordan, by Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonenfeld and Dr. Yackov Yisroel DeHaan, together with a delegation that visited the Monarch upon his visit to King Abdullah in Shuni Trons Jordan.

His Majesty:

In the name of G d, the High Lord, Creator of Heaven and Earth. We feel honored to stand before His Majesty as representatives of the world Jewish organization “Agudas Yisroel”, and the “Eida Hachareidis”, in the Holy City of Jerusalem, organized under the leadership of the “Vaad Hair” (National Comm.) of the Ashkenazic Jewish Community.

“Agudas Yisroel” is an organization of the world’s orthodox Jewry which counts approximately one million registered members and it speaks for an even greater number of Orthodox Jews who although not registered with our organization, are wholeheartedly sympathetic with its goal to guard and preserve the traditional character of the Jewish People and its Torah, which was handed ever to us in its Holiness and entirety, and to interpret in its Spirit all questions in Jewish life.
Agudas Yisroel is an independent organization, according to the resolutions of the latest ”Kenesia Hagdola” (meeting) which was held recently in Vienna in which the great Jewish leaders and Sages participated and which did not authorize any other organization, to speak its name or in the name of the entire Jewish People.

In the name of this organization, and in the name of the “Eida Hachreidis” of Jerusalem we welcome with a blessing from the depths of our hearts the appearance of His Royal Highness in the Holy Land. May G d, King of all Kings exalt his kingdom and in his days shall flourish justice for the benefit of those who find protection in his shadow.

We assure His Majesty that the Jewish population relates to their neighbors with brotherly harmony wherever they exist, and also in the Holy Land we will adhere to that tradition and in the future will cooperate with all the inhabitants in the building and prospering of the land for a blessing and peace with all ethnic groups.

We respectfully request from His Majesty that whenever any expression of Jewish opinion on matters concerning the Jewish population, or the Holy Land, will be brought to his attention, he shall also grant permission to the representative of “Agudas Yisroel” to appear, representing Orthodox Jewry, for Which the Holy Land is the center of their yearning and who pray for its peace and rebuilding three times a day.
We also express our hope that His Majesty will do the utmost to use his huge influence for the benefit of the Jewish People which live in all Arab countries.

May the L rd of the universe bless him and his descendants, and many more years shall he see the well being of his people. In his and in our days shall “Judah” be redeemed and Israel rest in tranquility.

Date Feb. 20, 1924

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