Open letter to president-elect of the USA William Jefferson Clinton.

Chehsvov 13. 5753-November 9, 1992

An open letter to president-elect, William Jefferson Clinton.

We, the undersigned Jewish Palestinians, wish to acquaint you, Mr. Clinton, with the predicament we Jewish Palestinians – Neturei Karta (Guardians of the Holy City) – find ourselves in.

Undoubtedly, you are fully cognizant of the situation of the Indigenous Palestinian population, which has been under Zionist occupation ever since the Zionists occupiers, declared their “independence” and established their state in 1948, and of the blatant violation of internationally recognized human rights to those under their occupation. We, the tens of thousands of the descendants of the Jewish Palestinians who arrived m the Holy Land centuries before the incursion of the Zionists into the Middle Hast, wish to inform you of the perilous situation we. are encountering,

The Torah attests that 0-d promised the Promised Land to the Jewish nation, on condition that they uphold His WUI – His Commandments. He fulfilled His promise, but when the Jews forfeited this stipulation and sinned, they were exiled by Divine decree from the Land and were charged by Divine oath not to try G”d’s temper by casting off the yoke of Exile and taking over the rule of the-Holy Land against the will of the indigenous Palestinian inhabitants. Violation of this oath will ultimately result in dire consequences. The Zionists are telling G-d, “it appears as if you are incapable of returning us to the Holy Land, so well. just roll up our sleeves and take ourselves back”. This audacity is endangering the Jewish people, as explicitly stated in the Talmud (Ketubot). According to Jewish theology, the Zionist state is considered a “heresy” and is forbidden to exist. We are to await the Messianic era, during which the Wisdom of<3-d will be made known to all of mankind.

We beseech you Mr. Clinton, to gram the .Palestinians their independence and statehood, so that we, who chose to live in the Holy Land in order to serve G-d, and are now compelled to live under a sacrilegious Rite, will be enabled to continue our residency in the Holy Land, under a Kosher alternative government – the State of Palestine. Numerous Jews throughout the world are awaiting this opportunity, which will enable them to immigrate to the Holy Land and practice’ their religion m the non-sectarian State of Palestine, just as Jews live under non-Jewish governments throughout the world – The United States of America serving as exhibit “A”.

A delegation of Jewish Palestinians is now serving as advisors to the Palestinian Delegation during the Middle East Peace Conference, now taking place m Washington, B.C. We entreat you, Mr. Clinton to give top priority to alleviate our plight, and that of the Palestinians-under occupation, m due time, in order to prevent the Middle East from erupting, and thus involving the world to this catastrophe.

May G-d grant you success in all of your endeavors for seeking to uphold the rights of the oppressed, and May G-d bestow His Grace upon you and your future government, and upon all those under your rule. Amen.


Rabbi Moshe Hirsh
In the name of seven-man
Neturei Karta Supreme Council.

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