President of Iran: “vigilant and just human beings will not blame the Jews”

News Headlines in Thu 14 December 2006
President: World problems rooted in disregard for religious principles by West , Zionists ·

Tehran, Dec 14, IRNA

President Mahmoud Abmadinejad here Thursday said that the world problems, clashes and genocide is rooted in the noncompliance of Zionists and some Western powers with religious principles.

According to a report released by the Presidential Office Media Department, the president made the remark in a meeting with Jewish rabbis who attended the two-day international conference on holocaust in Tehran, dubbed ‘Holocaust: A Global Vision’ (December 11- 12).

The president called on followers of divine faiths to establish a united front to confront the crimes committed against humanity and aiming to prevent prosperous human life.

Abmadinejad added that such a front should include intellectuals and scientists believing in various religions, including Judaism, to stand up to Zionism.

The chief executive called for the need to solve the problems facing the world, including the Palestinian issue, through dialogue and the necessity for peace and paying attention to the prophets’ instructions.

“Just as the fake Zionist regime was established by big powers based on lies, it should either pack up and leave or hold a free referendum to establish a government based on the will of the Palestinian nation in which all Palestinians, including Jews, Christians and Muslims will be given the chance to vote,” he added.

Turning to the great controversies in the performance of and the slogans given by some of the so-called Western advocates of human rights and freedom, including those of the Zionist regime, he said, “While this fake regime has set up a large prison in the occupied territories of Palestine for their Muslim, Jewish and Christian residents, they lay claims on human rights and freedom.”

The president referred to the opposition of faithful Jews, believing in the instructions of
-Prophet Moses (PBUH), to the crimes and stance of the world Zionism, Ahmadinejad said that vigilant and just human beings will not blame the Jews for the crimes committed by the fake Zionist regime and its supporters in the occupied territories, including genocide of defenseless and oppressed women and children.

He pointed to the growing vigilance of world nations on seeking justice and worshipping G-d and said that the day promised by all prophets when peace, brotherhood and justice are expected to be established is approaching.

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