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Why you are against zionism and the state of israel?

One of the basic beliefs of the Jewish religion is that G-d sent us into exile about 2000 years ago. At that time, G-d imposed upon the Jewish people a severe oath not to take back the Holy Land by force, but rather to wait until G-d Himself redeems us by sending the messiah. Throughout the generations of exile, we Jews have always had full trust in G-d, as a small child trusts his mother; even in the worst situations, when he holds his mother’s hand, he is absolutely calm.

For us to get up and leave exile by our own means and physical strength would mean, by definition, that we have lost our trust in the Creator. It would be tantamount to denial that G-d sent us into exile, and rebellion against G-d, Who commanded us to remain in exile until the coming of the messiah.

Thus, even had the Zionists established their state in an empty land, it would have been totally against the Torah and G-d’s will. But that was by no means their only sin.

For one thing, the Holy Land was not empty when the Zionists arrived. They created their state at the expense of the Palestinian people, whom they expelled from their homes, killing many in the process, including women and children. This desecrates the very foundation of our religion, which teaches tolerance and kindness to all peoples.

Furthermore, the state they created was and remains virulently anti-religious. From the secular kibbutz settlements, to their declaration of independence that refuses to mention G-d’s name, to their absorption camps where they forced hundreds of thousands of Jewish immigrants to abandon their Judaism, to their mandatory army where they teach atheistic power and militarism, among countless other examples, the state of “Israel” has been one long chain of anti-religious oppression against which Orthodox residents have been forced to struggle for their very existence.

But even if the leaders of the state were very religious, and even if they achieved permanent peace with the Palestinians, still as mentioned above, the idea of creating a Jewish state during our exile is in itself against Judaism. It is true that there are some Jews who call themselves religious Zionists, but we see that as an oxymoron. The ideals of Zionism are fundamentally against the Jewish faith, and so these religious Zionists cannot be considered authentic religious Jews. Rather, they have been unfortunately influenced by heretical ideals. It is these ideals, not the Torah, that are the source for their nationalist views and their militant and immoral actions.

The tragedy of the existence of Zionism and the Zionist state is very painful to all Torah-true Jews, and we continually pray and hope that the Zionist State will be promptly dismantled, without any bloodshed, and that the entire land will be returned to the Palestinian people. Then Jews and Muslims will be able to live together in peace, as in past generations.

What are the oaths that g-d imposed on the Jewish people regarding return to the land of Israel?

What other biblical verses and rabbinic texts prove that the Jews must not gather themselves to the land before the messiah?

The prohibition on creating our own state is found in the Talmud, Kesubos 111a. The Talmud derives from a verse in the Song of Songs 2:7 that when G-d sent the Jewish People into exile, He make them take three oaths: not to go up to the Holy Land en masse, not to rebel or fight wars against the nations, and not to force the end of exile. Having a government in the Holy Land is a violation of the oath not to force the end of exile, since sovereignty inherently contradicts the concept of exile. Furthermore, the State was established through mass immigration and wars.

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