The Solution

What is the current alternative to the state of israel according to the torah view?

The only solution available to Jews is to return to G-d – to continue rebelling against Him is certainly no solution.

To return to G-d means to give up the State, and to wait patiently for the coming of the messiah. If the Israelis were interested in following Jewish law, they would immediately step down from power and declare an end to their Jewish government, turn over the land to the Palestinians and ask the UN to ensure that the transition be safe for all involved, including the 6 million Jews living there.

If some of the Jewish population wishes to leave Palestine, the Jews would ask the UN member states to work out a refugee program under which each Jew would have a safe country to move to with citizenship and the right to work.

Realistically, this probably won't happen because unfortunately the Israeli leaders do not listen to Jewish law. However, a peaceful end to the state is still possible. The two-state solution negotiations are leading nowhere because the two sides have demands that are irreconcilable. Inevitably, the Palestinians will give up on this idea and instead they will demand full citizenship in Israel for all of the population of the West Bank and Gaza. Together with the '48 so-called Israeli Arabs, they will outnumber Jews and take over the government, or at least form the leading party. Their next step will be to pass legislation for the return of the Palestinian refugees to their homes, and then the Jews will be heavily outnumbered. It will no longer be a Jewish state.

Zionist propaganda claims that giving up the State would lead to bloodshed. But historically, we have seen many regime changes take place peacefully. Before 1991, who would have imagined that the Soviet Union would dissolve without bloodshed? And in South Africa, the apartheid regime was dissolved with relatively little bloodshed.

It is important to make clear that here too, we are talking about a regime change, not a mass expulsion of millions. Both Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, have clearly proclaimed time and again that their struggle is against the Zionist regime – not against Jews. (In fact, Hamas recently changed the language of their charter to refer to occupiers rather than Jews.) They have publicly stated that they have no intention of expelling any Jew from Palestine. Jews who are prepared to live under their jurisdiction as law-abiding citizens will be welcome to do so. This tolerant view goes back to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who ‘in his first speech to the United Nations General Assembly in 1974, clearly distinguished between Jews and Zionists, and said that peaceful Jews would be welcome under a Palestinian state.

Those who fear a Palestinian state would do well to remember that Jews throughout their many years of the exile found life in the Muslim lands much better than in the European lands, which are soaked with Jewish blood. Even today, Jews continue to live in peace in Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia, and even in Iran – where approximately 30,000 Jews live in harmony with their neighbors. The “fact” that Jews are persecuted there is totally false Zionist propaganda. Rabbis from the Neturei Karta have visited these lands numerous times, and acquainted themselves firsthand with the situation. They saw that the propaganda is nothing but Zionist lies – Jews have no problems there due to their Judaism. It is only when someone is engaged in Zionist activities (whether he be Jew or gentile) that he will get into trouble.

Similarly, Jews will be able to live in peace in the Holy Land under Palestinian rule once Zionism is abolished.
Finally, those who claim that continuing with the State of Israel is the safest option should consider the historical record since 1948: Zionism promised a safe haven for Jews, yet the most dangerous place in the world today for Jews is their state. Zionism aimed to get Jews out of the ghetto, yet the Zionist state is one big ghetto, surrounded by enemies on all sides, a ghetto built with walls, check-points, fences, and security forces patrolling the border. The Zionist state has already cost the Jewish people more than 14,000 lives, and by angering the Arabs and Muslims who constitute one third of the world’s population, it endangers all Jews in the world. Jews live relatively peacefully all over the world: America, UK, France, Canada, Australia, and even in some Muslim countries as we mentioned above. Only in the "Jewish" State do Jews live every day in constant fear for their lives. It is time for a different approach – the Torah approach.

What is the torah view on a two-state solution?

Certainly, all attempts at ending the bloodshed and suffering of both Jews and Arabs are to be lauded, and in many cases embraced. Torah-true Jews are thankful for every bit of land returned to the Palestinian people. But we firmly believe that in order to bring a true and lasting peace, the two-state solution is not enough. We must accept the Almighty's peace plan for Jews in this era: that Jews in the Middle East should go back to living peacefully as citizens of Arab governments, just as they lived for hundreds of years prior to the Zionist movement. Torah Jews will accept nothing less, because the Torah forbids any Jewish state of any size.

Furthermore, any solution will have to include restitution of all land stolen by the Zionists in 1948 and over the years since then. Many people are unaware of the historical facts about Jewish land ownership in Palestine. In the pre-state period, the Zionist movement and their Keren Hayesod did buy some land legally, but by 1947 that land amounted to only about 5.6% of Palestine. The Jewish state proposed by the UN in November 1947 was 56% of Palestine, that is, 10 times the land area owned by Jews. And the Zionists took much more land than that in 1948, not to mention what they took in 1967. They forced or frightened most of the Arabs off their land, and in a cabinet decision in July 1948 barred them from returning. This is all besides the fact that the principle of self-determination, which all civilized nations subscribe to, dictates that a minority of the people (which the Zionists were in their original '48 borders) should not rule over a majority. So in addition to stealing the actual land from the Palestinians, they stole political control that should have gone to the Palestinians.

If someone were to steal your house, and then, after you fought for many years to get it back, would give you one or two rooms, would you be happy? Is that called justice? Furthermore, what good did giving back Gaza do for the Palestinians, when they are still under siege from all sides? They cannot come or go or import necessities like food and medicine. They cannot export products, so they are totally dependent on handouts. Their water, gas, telephone and electric services all come from the Zionist state. Is that called giving back? This is how a two-state solution would look in the West Bank. They are not talking about giving the Palestinians more than a few tiny fragments of disconnected land, in which they would be cut off and besieged from all sides.