Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich -
Shimloyer Rav-(1863-1944)

It is better for us to be in exile under the nations of the world than to be in spiritual exile under them.

Rabbi Boruch Kaplan,
Principal and founder of Bais Yaakov School, Brooklyn, USA (1911-1987)

The Arabs were very friendly people, and the Jewish People in Hebron lived together with them and had very friendly relations with them. They worked with Jews, and everybody got along just fine. … no one in the yeshiva ever told me it was dangerous to go by myself among the Arabs. We just lived with them, and got along very well… Everyone must know that the anger of the Arabs against us is only caused by the Zionists! … It is the accursed Zionists who caused them to hate us. The Zionists dare to use their power to expel the Arabs, and even today in Lebanon, they kill and butcher the Arabs; they wipe out whole villages with the airplanes they get from the United States. Everyone should know who the murderers are – the Zionists are the biggest murderers in the world, who refuse to let the Jewish People live in peace either physically or spiritually!”

Rabbi Dovid Smith,
Rabbi in London, England and chief rabbi of Lithuania (c. 1989)

The whole world should know that we are not against Arabs, on the contrary, in our faith, in our Torah, we have to love respect every single person in the world.

Rabbi Amram Blau,
Leader of Neturei Karta, Jerusalem (1900-1974)

Nations of the world accepted the clear lie when they recognized the Zionists, those heretics who established their state through conquest under the name of “Israel,” as any part of the Jewish People. The nations thereby enabled the Zionist heretics to conquer the Jewish people themselves. Through this action those nations offended the authentic Jewish people, its Torah and faith in a way much worse than how the Jewish people has ever been injured by the Arabs,

Rabbi Avigdor Miller,
Famous religious Jewish scholar, educator and author, in Brooklyn, New York (1908-2001)

Judaism and Zionism are not the same thing. These shakranim [liars] are trying to get us involved, so they’re trying to say that all the Arab states and all the other states are enemies of the Jews. That’s a lie! … The fact that they are against the State of Israel is political expediency that has nothing to do with us. And therefore we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be drawn into this maelstrom of political hatred like the Zionists would like us to. They want us all committed to their project so we should all be in the same boat, chas v’sholom. Chas v’shalom! We’ll all sink together. Nothing doing! Nothing doing! We’re a separate entity! We’re Jews, not Israelis.