Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum
Rebbe of Satmar, Hungary, later Chief Rabbi of Palestine (1887-1979)

“In sum, the hatred against the Jewish community is because it is said that those who are not Torah observant, who are heretics, are the leaders of Jewry. The nations of the world are misled by them and acquire a hatred of Jews. One of the greatest commandments there is, to be observed with utmost self-sacrifice, would be to make known to the nations of the world that they (Zionists and irreligious leaders) are not the representatives of the Jewish community. (And to tell them) that observant Jews have no connection with them.”

Rabbi Amram Blau,
Leader of Neturei Karta, Jerusalem (1900-1974)

It is incumbent upon every Jew to emulate Chananya, Mishael and Azariah and publicly announce even at the risk of his life that he is not part of this false Israel. He is a Jew and not a Zionist. He has no connection with these Zionist heretics or with their heretical leadership of the state.

Rabbi Avigdor Miller,
Famous religious Jewish scholar, educator and author, in Brooklyn, New York (1908-2001)

So all over the world people are looking at the State of Israel and they’re thinking, “That’s the Jewish People!” Because these resha’im heading the State claim to speak for the Jewish People! Which means that the Jewish People are represented by atheists who do not believe in Hashem and who do not believe in the Bible. Because the Bible says that it’s forbidden to eat chazer; and Golda Meir ate chazer at President Nixon’s dinner. So we have to speak up and tell the world that there is a Jewish religion and that these apikorsim don’t represent us. That’s all! There’s a Jewish religion and those who keep the Jewish religion do not approve of these people.