Rabbi Dovid Feldman’s Call for Justice at McGill

On Thursday, April 2, 2024, a rally was held at McGill University in Montreal Canada in support of students at their pro-Palestinian encampment. This gathering took place just one day after a significant victory against an injunction seeking to ban the encampment on grounds of anti-Semitism.

Rabbi Dovid Feldman, a prominent figure from Neturei Karta International, spoke fervently in solidarity with the students, advocating for a complete divestment from Israel, particularly amidst the ongoing genocide in Gaza. He emphasized the absurdity of labeling those who speak out against Israeli crimes as anti-Semitic, denouncing such accusations as nonsensical and rooted in ignorance. “blaming everyone who speaks up against the Israeli crimes as anti Semitic, this is nonsense in ignorance ” Rabbi Feldman added, explaining that Zionism has noting with Judaism.


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