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Rabbi Weiss: Zionism; the root cause of Israel-Gaza War

Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss was interviewed by George Galloway, an esteemed Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom, on the question of what the root causes of the current conflict between Israel and Gaza are.

The following is a quote from Rabbi Weiss’s answer:

“The root cause is clearly because of the introduction of a political ideology called Zionism. It’s a nationalist movement it’s masquerading in a religious name Israel and the Star of David and so forth but it it is a totally flawed a material movement selfish people who wanted to create their own Haven their own sovereignty and they’re using the religion to create it. That is the root cause of so much hate, Strife, Bloodshed and Rift between Jews and Muslims.
And, it’s very clear, it’s not an opinion, that our history attests that Jews and Muslims live together in harmony for hundreds and hundreds of years is in every Arab and Muslim land clearly identified as religious Jews amongst clearly Muslim people and there was no human rights groups necessary, or United Nations, whether it was in Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, we lived together”

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