Rabbis warning against voting in Israel

Warning of our rabbis, the guardians of the Torah rabbinical court of Jerusalem – July 1961

to the jaws living in the holy land!

we have already made known the position of the Torah since the first Knesset elections of the regime whose members are virtually all heretics that it is forbidden to participate in Knesset elections

we are the representatives of the great rabbis of previous generations who prohibited participating in the elections to the national assembly that existed before the creation of the state, and which declared heresy in the name of the Torah.

All the great rabbis of the holy land and the diaspora agreed to that prohibition, and all the moreso for elections of the state itself, which are not only of no value, but carry also the severe transgression of the desecration of g-d’s name, collaboration with evildoers and their destructive activities….the Torah is eternal and no one can annul it, g-d forbid!

Whosoever participates in the elections is supporting sinners, and should realize he carries responsibility for the outcome of his participation with the Knesset, that house of heresy, which is committing grave sins against g-d and is battling against our Torah.

may g-d enable those who are in error and who are causing others to err to truly repent, and we can state that we have saved our own souls from responsibility in this matter.

may those who follow our words feel safe and not be afraid.

the rabbinical court of Jerusalem

rabbi Pinchas Epstein

rabbi Yisrael Y. Reisman

rabbi David Jungreis

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