Religious Jews Condemn Zionist Genocide in Gaza

Anti-Zionist Jews around the globe are once again in a state of shock, horror and mourning, as the world witnesses the worst tragedy since the Nakba. We cry with the Palestinians and the greater Arab community, and wish to share our view on the issues during this cruel time.

The State of Israel and its Zionist ideology has resulted in unrelenting tragic Arab and Jewish innocent bloodshed. The recent outbreak of war is another manifestation of the blood stained seeds that Zionism continues to sow on a daily basis. Without condoning any violence, anti-Zionist Jews once again hold the Zionist movement responsible for the latest devastating set of events.

For more than 75 years the State of Israel has oppressed and terrorized the Palestinian people, ruthlessly murdering men, women and children as they expelled hundreds of thousands, stole their land and took their homes. In their on-going effort to achieve their Zionist, colonialist aspirations, the State of Israel has deprived an entire people of basic human rights and have actualized an apartheid system under which Palestinians have no control or even say in their daily lives.
Now the Zionists are destroying Gaza, leaving its tormented residents without basic human necessities: food, water, shelter, fuel and electricity. The health care system is collapsing – the number of wounded and maimed is horrific. In no uncertain terms, the Zionists are committing genocide.

The existence of the State of Israel is criminal, founded and, to this very day, run by terrorists. Its ongoing occupation and savage actions go against even the most basic standards of humanity and are a colossal violation of Judaism.
One of the fundamental Jewish religious beliefs is that the Jews are in a Divinely decreed exile. During this exile they are forbidden to create their own State. Furthermore, the Torah forbids killing and stealing – Zionism goes contrary to all of these basic beliefs. It cannot be stated or emphasized enough, Zionism is not Judaism – it is a political movement, having nothing to do with the Jewish religion. Since its inception, Zionists have attempted to usurp Judaism to legitimize their indefensible agenda.

Masses of religious Jews, in both Palestine and abroad, have always opposed and rejected the Zionist movement and the existence of the State of Israel. From the beginning, religious Jewish leaders expressed, in no uncertain terms, that the State of Israel went completely contrary to Judaism and was dangerous to all inhabitants of the Holy Land. They warned that its existence would be catastrophic and only lead to bloodshed. Unfortunately, this has been borne out over more than a century now.

Religious Jews worldwide condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the massacres committed by the Zionists. They are humiliated, disgusted and heartbroken by these crimes, supposedly being done in their name. These Jewish communities proclaim that the State of Israel does not represent World Jewry and their actions are a clear and unequivocal violation of the Jewish religion.

We are taking this opportunity to send our sincere and deepest condolences to all of the Palestinian families who have lost loved ones at the hands of the Zionist butchers during these last three weeks in Gaza. We pray to the Almighty for the complete healing of all the wounded.

It is long overdue for world leaders to put an end to the Zionists’ genocidal crimes. The perpetrators, political leaders and military personnel alike, must be brought to the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
Jews and Arabs lived in peace in Palestine for centuries, as in all other Arab lands. As Jews, we are, and have been, extremely grateful for the hospitality accorded to us throughout the past. The present conflict is in no way due to differences in religions – contrary to the Zionist narrative, which seeks to drive a wedge between Jews and Arabs. This historic trust, indeed friendship, peaceful respect and coexistence has been destroyed through Zionism and the Zionist occupation of Palestine, and for decades has been the obstacle to peace.

The one and only solution is to recognize the root cause: Zionism, and work toward a peaceful and total dismantlement of the State of Israel, to return control of the land to its indigenous inhabitants and restore all their rights. Only then can we expect a restoration to the former peace that existed prior to Zionism.

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