Solidarity Grows: Jews and Activists Join CUNY Gaza Encampment

On Thursday, April 25, 2024, at the City College of New York (CUNY), amidst the ongoing Gaza encampment, which was set up the week before on Thursday morning, following a wave of over 20 universities establishing “Gaza Solidarity Encampments” after Columbia’s initial encampment, anti-Zionist Jews and other activists from the greater New York City community joined the encampment over the course of the day. Rabbi Dovid Feldman from Neturei Karta International spoke in support of the students at the City College of New York.


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22 days ago

Many Americans, especially the religious Christian Americans do not have a clue as to who or what a Jew is, what a Zionist is, or even who or what Israel or a True Israelite is. They only know is what they have been told by an uninformed pastor, or though the Zionist controlled media who they should support.
The Zionist Jew is not religious, is not even an Israelite, and the Zionist Jew has never been related to Biblical Israel. Most who say they are “Jews” are not related to Ancient Biblical Israel. True Israelites are identified if they are Covenant Keepers, but even Israelite blood in the veins (if that was even provable) is no longer evidence, but only one’s righteous Biblical principles are. Today it has been said that only 10%+/- of the people dwelling in the Jewish State are Bible believers. I do not know if that is true, but if true, these are the Torah observant Karaite Jews, and other “Jewish” Covenant Keepers who are the only “True Israelites” dwelling there. True Israelites would despise the actions of their Zionist Jew Government against their neighbor Palestine. Just think of what forgiveness of Hamas would have done!
So how do you tell a so-called but ignorant Bible believing Christian that the Israel of today is not the promised land and that the Zionists there are NOT YHWH’s chosen people? The fact is, that YHWH’s “Israel” today is now found (after some 2,750+ years of expulsion) all over the globe, and they are now of such a huge dispersed number that this dispersed Bible believing Israel would never fit in the funky small land area called Israel today. I believe they are not meant to return by the Almighty Sovereign YHWH. The righteous principles of dispersed True Israel must be spread over the entire globe. Biblical Israelism beliefs must be taught, and Zionist wickedness condemned, only then can YHWH bless True Israel, and the country called Israel (if YHWH allows it to survive).

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