Speech to protest recent Israeli threats to annex more Palestinian land

Rabbi Yoel Stern

Leading activist, Neturei Karta Canada

Speech at Palestinian rally to protest recent Israeli threats to annex more Palestinian land in the West Bank

We thank the organizers for having this crucial rally, and for inviting us to participate.

We apologize for not speaking to you directly, due to the religious restriction on using a microphone on our Sabbath.

We are here in the city of Toronto, representing anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews of Canada in our outrage at the current Israeli plans to annex more of the Palestinian land.

We, as well as Jewish communities worldwide, are joining the world’s outcry and standingup for the Palestinian people living under occupation and injustice. The current attempt of annexation proves that the Israelis are not interested in peace, just in grabbing more land for themselves.

Israel is already oppressing the Palestinians in the occupied territories for a very long time and much strife has already resulted because of it.The current annexation will just worsen the situation.

But it is not just annexation that we oppose; it is the entire occupation since 1948 which is criminal. As Jewish people we say that the mere existence of the State of Israel and all its criminal activities are against the Jewish religion.

According to Judaism, Jews are in a Divinely decreed exile and are required by God to live as loyal citizens in the countries where we reside, not rebel against any nation or create any sovereignty of their own. Furthermore, killing and stealing, or harming any group or individual is a blatant violation of Jewish law.

It is because we are Jews, that we condemn wrongdoing. Jews worldwide are embarrassed when these crimes against Palestine are committed, supposedly, in our name and the Jewish religion is being desecrated when it is being misused to harm God’s creations.

In the name of masses of Jews worldwide we proclaim that the State of Israel and its leaders do not represent world Jewry and certainly not the Jewish religion.

We oppose the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine and we condemn the current annexation plan. We promote a totally free Palestine and demand that all rights be restored to its indigenous people, including the full right of return.

We pray for the speedy dismantlement of the entire State of Israel, and we hope that this takes place peacefully, with no more suffering of anyone involved.

Once this obstacle to peace is removed we can expect to live once again together in peace in Palestine, as in the days before Zionism.

Ultimately we pray for the day when all of mankind will recognize the Creator and join together to serve Him in peace and harmony. Amen

Assaloom Alekoom