Statement by Neturei Karta International in support of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

When Congresswoman Ilhan Omar spoke up against the pro-Israel lobby and the tactics it uses to influence politicians to support Israel, she was immediately attacked by her fellow lawmakers, who claimed she was invoking an anti-Semitic stereotype.

However, the truth is that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, and criticizing the State of Israel or its supporters in America is not anti-Semitic. In fact, Jews worldwide, including masses in the United States, are against Israeli policy, and Orthodox Jews like ourselves are among those who suffer the most under the Israeli regime.

No one should be attacked for criticizing AIPAC, certainly not the esteemed Congresswoman Omar. She should be lauded for differentiating between Jews and Zionists, and between Judaism and Zionism. Judaism is a religion which teaches service of the Almighty, while Zionism attempts to transform Judaism into nationalism.

Therefore, what Congresswoman Omar said is not anti-Semitic in any way. We at Neturei Karta International appreciate her speaking up for justice. Together with many other Americans, we have been waiting a long time for politicians who will not be intimidated by the Zionists.

Zionism, in addition to its conflicts with the Palestinians, is harming the Jews themselves, and is a grave violation of Jewish law in so many ways. Judaism forbids taking another people’s land and, in fact, forbids the existence of any kind of Jewish state. We would love to see our American politicians take a stronger stance against the Israelis, especially at this time when they are persecuting our Orthodox community there. We too, as Jews, condemn the intimidation of politicians by the Zionist lobby and media, forcing them to toe the line of Zionism. Zionism doesn’t represent world

Jewry and certainly not the Jewish religion.

We bless Congresswoman Omar that she should be successful in her work for her constituency, for the United States and for humanity. We hope that her service in Congress, together with American Jewish support for her, will help stop the growth of real anti-Semitism, which is generated by acts of the State of Israel and its supporters.