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statement of anti Zionist Jews in Palestine against the Genocide in Gaza

Outcry of Authentic World Jewry Against the Genocide of the People of Occupied Palestine

World religious Jewry unequivocally condemns and denounces the genocide currently being perpetrated by the Zionist occupational forces against the Palestinian people, with their bombing of Gaza City, killing innocent men, women, and children. Their goal is to oppress the Palestinian people and its leaders and withhold from them their legitimate right to lead the Palestinian people. They expel innocent men, women, and children from their homes, denying them basic humanitarian aid and other essentials. The Zionists commit these atrocious violations of human rights and international law to “punish” the Palestinians for their refusal to recognize the criminal Zionist entity as a state.

We, as believing, authentic Jews in the Holy Land, proclaim once again that Zionism has no connection with the Jewish people. Zionism and Judaism are diametric opposites. All of their crimes and murderous actions against the Palestinian people throughout their history, and especially this most recent war against the peaceful residents of Palestine, should arouse every straight-thinking person – anyone who has any humanity in him – to protest. Their crimes are completely opposed to the holy Torah, which forbids murder, as it is written in the Ten Commandments given to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai, “Thou shalt not kill.”

The Jewish people have always been known as a merciful people, but with their despicable and murderous acts, the accursed Zionists slander the good name of the Jews, who are totally removed from such crimes. They have cast away their humanity, and they do not belong to the Jewish people at all.

We feel that the time has come to bring the Zionist leaders, army officers, and all who are responsible for these genocidal war crimes before an international court so that justice should prevail and, once and for all, there should come an end to the murders and crimes of the Zionists against the Palestinian people.

We, Jews who believe in G-d, hereby declare that the Zionists do not belong to the Jewish people or the Jewish religion, which strongly opposes murder. They are not Jews at all, only brazen terrorists running a state of international terrorism. They do not represent the Jewish people at all, nor do they have any right to a single clod of earth in the Holy Land.

According to the Torah, the Zionist state does not have any right to exist at all. On the contrary, it is completely forbidden. All of the greatest authentic rabbis have been opposed to Zionism from its founding day.

We are in exile now by the decree of G-d, and the holy Torah teaches us that we must live under the rule of other nations in all parts of the world. This means including the Holy Land: we must live under the non-Jewish nation that lives in the Holy Land, which, at the present time, is the Palestinian people. The prophet Jeremiah (29:7) said, “Seek the welfare of the city where I have exiled you.” G-d forbid to rebel against that people or to conquer them, for that would mean leaving exile by force, against G-d’s decree. That would constitute rebellion against Hashem and His Torah. Jews who believe in G-d and are loyal to Him can never do such a thing. Rather, we continue to trust in G-d and follow Him loyally. The Zionist murderers, who are traitors to G-d, will be expelled from the Jewish people in shame.

We convey our deepest condolences to all the families of those murdered, and to the Palestinian people and its leaders; and we wish a complete recovery to all those wounded by the bloodthirsty Zionists.

We pray to G-d for the speedy salvation of the Palestinian people and its leaders from the arms of the Zionist wild beast, and we hope for that great day when the full sovereignty of the Palestinians over the entire Holy Land shall be restored, with Al-Quds as its capital. The Zionists will be expelled from the Holy Land by the power of G-d.

May we merit the fulfillment of the prophets’ ancient promise, that G-d’s kingdom will be revealed throughout the world and all nations will join in serving Him.

Signed in pain and anger,
Neturei Karta
Al-Quds, Palestine

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