Telegram from Neturei Karta to the UN Trusteeship Council

Cablegram from the Secretary of the Neturei Karta Community to the President of the United Nations Trusteeship Council


erusalem/International regime – Working paper/Addendum


Dual Distribution

Sixth session

Item 19 of the agenda






Cablegram dated 7 February 1950 from the Secretary of the Neture Karta Community to the President of the Trusteeship Council


We beg your Excellency to take in consideration the wishes of the Jewish orthodox population Neture Karta in Jerusalem. They have expressed in many ways their wish to live under the international protection of the United Nations and not under the sovereignty of the state of Israel. This has been clearly stated in their memorandum of July 18th 1949 to the united nations signed by rabbis Aron Katzenelenbogen and Amram Blau, in accordance with the note to the United Nations of rabbi Joseph Dushinski, the late orthodox chief rabbi of Jerusalem. The same view was expressed by the present chief rabbi Ruben Bengis, when giving evidence before the Angloamerican commission of enquiry in Jerusalem. We therefore beg your Excellency to use your utmost influence that the area of Mea Shearim, where the orthodox population is mostly concentrated be included in the international zone of administration or in any international scheme of supervision which may be created. This is a life question for them. They feel strongly that only under international protection their rights will be safeguarded. We would also beg your Excellency to request the authorities of the state of Israel not to enroll forcibly the orthodox youth of Jerusalem for army services. With the resolution of the United Nations assembly, Jerusalem is at present non-Israeli territory and it would be against the charter of human rights to decide against their will. Please be sure that this is the real orthodox Jewish view although not openly expressed at the present moment because of various factors and above all the domination of Zionist propaganda who possess all the media to intimidate and belittle all those who are not prepared to share their ideals. In the name of defenseless and at the moment helpless orthodox Jews, and in the name of humanity and eternal justice, we appeal to the United Nations to embody these points in their final decision with regard to Jerusalem.


May god bless your work.


Tomchei, Neture Karta

123 Manor Road


Rabbi Israel Domb,



Document symbol: T/457/Add.2
Document Type: Report
Document Sources: Trusteeship Council
Subject: Agenda Item, Holy places, Jerusalem
Publication Date: 09/02/1950

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