To: The Jewish Residents of Teaneck NJ

in time of a protest in ………….

Re: Our Presence In Your Community
April 6, 2008

It is difficult and, perhaps, impudent to ask a stranger to question assumptions that have always been part-and-parcel of one’s community. We ask, though, that you open your mind and heart for a few moments to rethink some old dogmas.

The Jewish people figure prominently in world headlines. Much of this publicity is negative. Jews in the Holy Land are in danger. Palestinians are killed daily. We need to ask ourselves – Is all this simply inevitable?

A true analysis of the following points will take much time and considerable emotional effort. It is our prayer that you will eventually find the time and exert the effort.

1) The Zionist state and the Zionist movement are clearly in the throes of yet another crisis. One might expect this crisis would elicit a firm and courageous response. Yet, recent years have witnessed much weariness within the state itself and among its supporters world wide. Few are those who would seriously suggest today that they see a clear way out of ceaseless conflicts between the Zionists and the Palestinians. Likewise few are those who foresee a quickening of patriotic enthusiasm within the state.

2) Zionism was greeted with staunch and passionate opposition by the vast majority of Torah leaders at the time of its inception.

3) This opposition was rooted not merely in a fear of the irreligiosity of, almost all, early Zionist leaders but due to the movement’s desire to bring about a political and military end to Jewish exile.

4) The traditional Jewish view, held throughout the centuries, was that exile is a punishment for Jewish sin. Only by penance and faith could the exile be ended, thus, bringing about national redemption.

5) In the Prophetic vision, though, this redemption would be one that would reconcile all mankind and usher in a utopia of universal brotherhood and worship of the Creator.

6) The Talmud demands that we, as a people, accept our exile and only try to alleviate it by heightened piety, good deeds, Torah study, prayer and kindness.

7) The Talmud foretells that a violation of exile; any attempt to artificially end it, will lead to horrible suffering for Jews and other peoples.

8) It is fairly clear that the Zionist claim that the Zionist state is a safe haven has never been fulfilled. In reality the reverse is true.

9) Perhaps, it is time to rethink our assumptions and question whether the Zionist state has been a blessing for the Jewish people?

10) The existence of the state has cast us in the role of denying self determination and basic human rights to others.

11) We have been forced to resort to brutality in order to maintain this oppressive state of affairs.

12) Our calling is to be “a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.” We are to set an example and standard of faith and piety to all men. Our summons is to be a paragon of kindness and empathy to all who suffer of whatever nationality or faith. Zionism and the Holy Land make all this totally impossible.

13) Perhaps, the likes of Reb Chaim Soloveichik, Reb Chaim Ozer Grodzenski, Reb Elchonan Wasserman, the Lubavitcher Rebbe (Rashab), and Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch (may their memories be blessed) were right? Perhaps, Zionism itself is the problem?

14) Perhaps, true peace will not come to the Middle East so long as Zionism violates the letter and spirit of exile?

15) Perhaps, we will never know peace as a people until the waging of war and attendant atrocities are ended forever?

16) Perhaps, we should rededicate ourselves to the holy task of our people “to walk humbly with G-d” and serve as a “light unto the nations”?

Has not the time come to rethink the whole Zionist enterprise?

In the days of preparation for Pesach and Shevouth, the holidays of the acceptances of the Torah, which we are now in the midst of, perhaps we should rethink our role and image as a people?

We of Neturei Karta International seek to provoke no ill will today in this community. It is our concern for our fellow Jews as well as the suffering of the Palestinians which has brought us.

We have come here to offer an alternative image – one that we believe is a kiddush Hashem (a sanctification of G-d’s name).

We believe that, in the long run, our path offers real safety and security for all our Jewish brethren in the Holy Land and around the world.

Please take the time to read our literature. Maybe order some further readings through the mail. Think again and think fearlessly.

Jews, believers in G-d and lovers of mankind, should not be reduced to shooting babies in their mother’s embrace.

May we all be blessed with goodness and merit true peace and redemption.

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