Torah opinion on the elections in Israel

Torah opinion of the sages of the Sephardim in Jerusalem

Regarding the elections to the government in the land of Israel, we have determined in accordance with Judaism to publicly declare and to Publicize Torah opinion, that according to law, it is forbidden for any Jew whose forefathers stood at mt. sinai to g-d forbid participate in the elections to the knesset of the heretics, and no power in the world shall permit this in any way whatsoever.

Anyone taking part in these elections violates this prohibition, and it is as if he agrees with the laws of the state which are against the laws of the Torah.

He thereby gives power to the forces of evil and those desecrating g-d’s name. we must remain apart from the sectarians and heretics and not to join with those who are rebelling against g-d.

Whoever fears g=d shall take care not to be seduced by anyone, and should warn his household not to be caught into violating this prohibition.

July 1951

Tzadkah Hutzin

Yaakov Mutzafi

Yosef Cohen

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