Urgent Appeal by Anti-Zionist Jews for the Sake of Justice and Peace in Palestine

As leaders of the State of Israel are coming to Washington supposedly in the name of the Jewish people, we, anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews, would like the President to know that they do not represent Jews or Judaism. The greatest rabbis were always opposed to Zionism and its state because it is against the Torah; they predicted that it would bring catastrophe.

Judaism and Zionism are two different things: Judaism is a religion, and Zionism is a political entity. Jews are followers of the Torah and believers in G-d, while Zionists violate the Torah, reject G-d’s promises and trust only in their weapons. Therefore Netanyahu cannot claim to represent world Jewry or the Jewish religion.

Jews are in exile by Divine decree and are not allowed to have a state of their own before the coming of the messiah. They are commanded to live peacefully with their neighbors, and are forbidden to wage wars or oppress other people. The Zionists don’t follow the Torah. They only misuse the Torah and the Jewish religion, twisting its meaning in an attempt to justify their crimes. But their irresponsible actions do not represent Jews or Judaism.

We appreciate America’s kindness toward Jews and all efforts to bring about peace. But we would like to clarify that even if supporting Israel were beneficial to Jews, we would not want to oppress another people for our benefit. In reality, support to Israel is not support to Jews and certainly not in favor of the Jewish religion. On the contrary, its mere existence and all of its criminal actions are in violation of Judaism and give rise to hatred and suffering.

The only path to peace in the Middle East is for us to identify the root cause of the problem, and restore all the rights of the Palestinian people, compensate them for their suffering over the years and end the entire occupation. Only then can we live in peace with our neighbors as Jews did before the age of Zionism, the obstacle to peace and the cause of suffering.

We end with a prayer to the Almighty for the peaceful dismantlement of the Zionist state, and ultimately for the day when all of mankind will join together to serve the Almighty wholeheartedly, may it come soon, amen.

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