Zionism is NOT the answer

Recent events in the Holy Land have plunged Jewry world wide into unprecedented soul searching. The conflicts to which the creation of the State of Israel gave birth continue to plague Jew and Gentile. Tragically, no end appears to be in sight. Various and contradictory solutions have been offered for the current travails.

However, all the solutions offered in so-called mainstream sources have failed. It is our belief that they are inherently doomed to fail. All of them make one fatal assumption. They find it axiomatic that the State of Israel must exist. And, in contrast to the plain evidence of history, they see its existence as a positive development for the Jewish people.

We offer a real alternative to this herd like mentality which has produced fifty years of war and suffering for both Jew and Arab.
We affirm the simple belief, once universally held amongst Torah Jews, that Jewish sovereignty over the Holy Land before mankind’s final redemption is wrong.

It is wrong spiritually because it denies that the Jewish exile is a metaphysical state which can be altered only via the practice of our ancestral faith.

It is wrong materially because it has consistently led to war, oppression of other peoples and the general exacerbation of anti-Semitism and anti-Gentilism throughout the world.

History is written by its victors. Zionism — by which we mean not the love of Zion shared by all believing Jews (indeed, by all mankind) but political and military machinations to grab the Holy Land before G-d chooses to redeem mankind — wields tremendous power over world opinion. All who question its dogmas are subjected to severe blacklisting and, at times, life threatening terror .

This near total historical censorship has blinded both Jew and non-Jew in our era to the universal Torah opposition to Zionism up to 1948.

In all schools of European Jewry — ranging from the writings of German Orthodox leader Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch to the Lithuanian perspective found in the works of Rabbi Elchanan Wasserman to the Hasidic views of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Reb Shalom DovBer Schneerson — we find scathing critiques of Zionism.

It is this long standing tradition of our people that we of Neturei Karta represent to this day.

We offer the millennia old perspective of the Torah.

Its message has been distorted and ignored by Zionism. Masses of Jews are unwitting victims of this distortion.

However, intimidation cannot forever suppress truth.

Zionism is bankrupt. Its leaders war with each other as well as with the Arab world. With a near hysterical obstinacy they demand that America finance and support their failed enterprise.

The hour of Zionism is passed. Its victims wander about searching in its darkness for solutions. They will not be found there.
The Jewish “problem” which Herzl set about “solving” a century ago cannot be solved by arms and politics. The end of our exile and the sufferings of all humanity are contingent upon repentance and good deeds. That is the only Jewish “agenda” worthy of the name.

Please join us in our efforts in order that the Jewish people and all men may be worthy of true, Divine salvation.



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