Addressing Clifton city council on anti Semitism

On August 8, 2021, a hearing was held in Clifton, New Jersey, regarding the recent controversy over the misuse of the term anti-Semitism. Emotion-filled comments were expressed both in support of and in opposition to certain statements made by two board members regarding the situation of their relatives in Palestine. In a prior meeting, demands were made to remove these members from the board, alleging that their statements were anti-Semitic.

A delegation of Jewish Rabbis from Orthodox communities supporting Palestine attended the meeting to express solidarity with our Palestinian friends. We believe they have been unjustly accused simply for advocating for the rights of Palestine, which should not be equated with anti-Semitism. Rabbi Weiss emphasized to the city council that anti-Zionism is distinct from anti-Semitism and should not be conflated as such.


Associated documents

Letter to the City of Clifton, New Jersey, regarding the term anti-Semitism

Letter to elected officials at the City of Clifton, New Jersey, regarding recent controversy over the abuse of the term anti-Semitism August 10, 2021 To City Manager Dominick Villano City of Cl …

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