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Don’t call Zionists Jews: Top Rabbi

Creation of Israel has no legitimacy in Jewish faith, says Rabbi Yisroel D Weiss


DOHA: A Jewish leader from Palestine yesterday urged the Islamic world not to equate Zionism with Judaism and stop calling Zionists as Jews.

Addressing the opening session of the International Conference for Defence of Al Quds (Jerusalem), Rabbi Yisroel D Weiss, representing the international Jewish group Neturei Karta International (Jews United Against Zionism), said the state of Israel, established by the Zionists, had no legitimacy in the Jewish faith nor in international law.

“We represent the real Jews from Palestine who believe in God and in the Torah. We oppose the Zionist occupation of Al Quds (Jerusalem) and want an end to the barbaric acts of the Zionist state. Jews have no nation. Those who believe in Torah cannot support the establishment of a Jewish state,” said D Weiss.

He urged the meeting to take a decision asking the Muslim world media to stop using the terms Zionists and Jews as synonyms. “This is the best way to stop the Zionists from gaining legitimacy for their acts,” said D Weiss. He said the Zionists were exploiting the Holocaust to gain international support and sympathy.

“International opinion is being deceived by the Holocaust. Zionists are talking about the Holocaust as if they are representing the Jewish people. They want more Jews to be killed,” he said. The land of Palestine belonged to the Palestinians and five million Palestinian refugees expelled by the Zionists have the right to return to their homeland under international law and UN resolutions.

He argued that the Palestinian issue cannot be settled through negotiations or through a two-state solution. The establishment of a unified Palestinian state is the only lasting solution to the problem.

He described the Zionist state as a “terrorist state” and made a passionate appeal to the international community to stop the killing. New York-based Rabbi Dovid Feldman (left), a member of Jews of Palestinians and United Against Zionism, at the International Conference for the Defence of Al Quds (Jerusalem) at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, bringing the perpetrators of such violence to justice. Zionism, he said, is the only solution to the Palestinian issue, “peaceful dismantling of the state of Israel.”

“The Zionist state will cease to exist since it was founded on injustice. Evil will not last forever. Before one is defeated, he may become stronger, as the saying goes. The Zionist state is now at this position,” said Feldman.

It is unfortunate that many people do not differentiate between Zionism and Judaism. This is a success of Zionist propaganda. Judaism is a religion while Zionism is a nationalist ideology. It is a transformation of Judaism from religion and spirituality into nationalism and materialism, he added.

Jews are not supposed to create a state of their own as per their religious faith. Establishing a state by expelling another people by force from their homeland is even more unjust.

He said many people in the West are supporting the Zionist state of Israel just because of ignorance or due to powerful Zionist propaganda.

“I visited Gaza recently and brought with me some pictures of the grave humanitarian situation there. Many people in our area never knew about such a situation,” said Feldman.

He added that his group’s campaign against Zionism was slowly gaining support among Jews all over the world.

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