How to address Anti-Semitism

How to address Anti-Semitism

Today’s event is a momentous event – a March of Solidarity with Jews, and a march to oppose antisemitism and – we hope – all forms of racism, bigotry, and hate.

Antisemitism is an old phenomenon; we have suffered a lot over the past two millennia. But during that time, ever since we were sent into Divinely-decreed exile, we have been instructed by our Sages how to address it and deal with it – not necessarily fight it.

Fighting only breeds more fighting; hate cannot be productively countered with hate. We want peace, we seek peace – and we can only do so through peaceful means.

We greatly appreciate solidarity with Jews; and we likewise express our solidarity with all upright, peace-loving people throughout the world – whatever their race, religion, or nationality.

But we must vehemently express our opposition – indeed the Torah’s opposition – to the Zionist, confrontational approach to antisemitism. It is contrary to Jewish teachings, to millennia of Jewish tradition – and it is plainly counterproductive.

The State of Israel is certainly not the answer to antisemitism; quite the contrary, the violence carried out by the state – presumedly, although totally incorrectly, in the name of all Jews worldwide – and in fact the very establishment of a Jewish state in the Holy Land before the coming of the Messiah, which is clearly forbidden by Torah law, is one of the greatest causes of antisemitism.

We, Torah-true Jews in New York and throughout the world, are against antisemitism, racism, and all hate, no matter against whom it is directed. And, in the Torah-true way, we wish to express our opposition only through peaceful means.