Letter from President Yasser Arafat to Rabbi Moshe Hirsch

Palestine National Authority
The President
To: Rabbi Moshe Hirsch
Minister for Jewish Affairs
Palestine Authority, Jerusalem

Dear Rabbi Hirsch:

Further to our recent telephone discussion, on behalf of myself, the Palestinian Authority and the people of Palestine I wish to express my deepest thanks to you and all the many Ultra-Orthodox Jews worldwide, and to many Jews who supported us both laymen and rabbis, for their expressions and demonstrations of heartfelt sympathy for the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people in Palestine at the hands of the Israeli government. No words can express how it makes us feel to know your community has spoken up throughout the world on our behalf.

These expressions are priceless examples of the long-standing and abiding relationship between Jews and Arabs reaching back hundreds of years, and enable the entire world to see the stark contrast between the eternal and beautiful values of Judaism and those embodied in aggressive Zionism. These demonstrations and expressions are of critical importance in enabling the Palestinian people and Arabs worldwide to see this crucial difference so that everyone understands that the actions of the Israeli state do not reflect anything rooted in the traditions, beliefs and laws of Judaism. This is vital in emphasizing that there is no conflict between Jew and Arab.

Again, Rabbi Hirsch, please transmit our best wishes and prayers for true peace and harmony to your entire community worldwide.

Ramallah in: April 23, 2002

Yours truly,

Yasser Arafat
President of the State of Palestine
Chairman of the Executive Committee of the PLO
President of the Palestinian Authority


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