Letter to King Hassan II of Morocco

King Hassan II of Morocco May 23, 1989 Arab Summit Meeting Casablanca, Morocco

His Majesty King Hassan II,

We would like to extend a toast to His Majesty, on the successful convening of the leaders of the entire Arab world, to meet and discuss the implementation of peace amongst its members and in relationship with their neighbors, thus affecting the peace of the entire globe.

We, the Palestinian Orthodox Jews organized in the Neturei Karta anti-Zionist Movement (Guardians of the Holy City), numbering over a half million members throughout the world, would like to commend His Majesty for including the Palestinian problem at the head of the agenda of this summit meeting. In order to receive a coherent picture of the substance and background to the Palestinian problem, it would have been prudent to invite a representation of the Palestinian Jews to present to the Arab governments the core of the cause for the deteriorating situation in the Holy Land.

The Zionist penetration into the Middle East, which eroded the majestic relationship which prevailed amongst the ethnic groups of the area, was not motivated by religion, nor by an orchestrated concern for fellow Jews. It was an opportunity for a small clique of Jews to exploit age-old Jewish values, in order to emancipate the Jewish nation from their bondage to G-d and His way of life.

They took advantage of the Palestinian indigenous inhabitants’ simplicity, who were politically non-oriented, and gained the grasp of the helm of the country, through trickery and treachery.

The most sound advice which we Palestinian Jews can propose to those participating in this historic meeting, is to approach the spiraling task confronting you, with a oneness of heart. Let all dividing factors disappear before you, and unite in deciding the fate of G-d’s Land. Only with the realization of the holy theme of peace, can the Holy Land live up to its sacred appelate.

Distinguished representatives of Palestinian Orthodox, Jewry met with Arab monarches and leaders in Amman in 1924, in order to upset the heretical schemings of the Zionists and prevent a planned transformation of the Jewish people; from that of an entity based on faith m G-d and His teachings, the Torah, to that of a nationalistic concept based on land and language – even though devoid of divinty. Apparently it was G-d’s will to put the Jewish people to the test in their faithfulness – and only the faithful survived the test.

We Jews, who remain a minority, and regard the Zionist state as a sacrilege which is forbidden to exist, call upon our Palestinian Lantzmen (countrymen) and their allies to unite and liberate the Land and its people from a subjugation, which is causing continuous unnecessary bloodshed. Only with a united front can we be spared this agony and attain an end to the Zionist occupation and an everlating just peace for all concerned – Inchallah!

Neturei Karta Organization representing tens of thousands of Palestinian Orthodox Jews in Palestine and hundreds of thousands of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews throughout the world, who are of the religious persuasion that the Zionist stale is sacrilage and is forbidden to exist

P.S. We request of His Majesty to have this memorandum read forth to the honourable members of this summit meeting.

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