Message from Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum to Arab nations

Central Rabbinical Congress of the United States and Canada


May 17, 1961


Mr. Harry A. Goodman J.P.

27 Lordship Park

London  N 16


Dear Mr. Goodman,

Pursuant to our overseas – telephone – conversation, we hereby wish to submit to you our message which we would like you to be kind enough to convey in our name to the governments of the countries which you are about to visit:

In the name of the religious leadership of the masses of Orthodox Jews of strict observance in this Country, we wish, in the first place, to convey our gratitude to the respective governments for granting equal rights and full freedom of religious observance and teaching to their Jewish inhabitants.

Being faithful to the government of one’s country of residence is one of the basic principles of the Jewish religion, and we have no doubt that the Jewish communities of those countries, renowned for their devote piety, will fully live up to this sacred principle, and will not yield to influences of propaganda from abroad.

We are therefore sure that the governments of those countries will not allow those communities at large to suffer on account of individuals who might have yielded to foreign influence.

We are sure that you will faithfully convey our message, and remain, with best wishes,

Yours  sincerely,


Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum


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